Industrial Railcar Shunting

Trackmobile is a member of the Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway GLOBAL RAILCAR MOVER GROUP, the leading manufacturers of bi-modal railcar shunting equipment and Gen-Set locomotives internationally. Our US-based company invented the first railcar mover in 1948 as a solution for railcar shunting in the handling of industrial materials. Today, as part of Berkshire Hathaway and Marmon Holdings, Inc., Trackmobile continually sets new standards for railcar movement equipment with innovations in efficiency, reliability, safety, and ease of operation.

Mobile Railcar Movers Worldwide

With recent sales into SAR, SRO, Grain Silos, and Etihad Rail, Trackmobile mobile railcar movers have been shunting railcars and serving the world’s railroads since 1950. Our machines operate in many of the most austere environments on Earth, ranging from subzero degree regions to extreme desert applications. Our efficiency, best-in-class safety equipment and minimal “down-time” make us the clear choice for railcar shunting. We have earned our customers’ business through tailoring our machines to meet your specific application.

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Railcar Mobility Solutions: What Does Trackmobile Offer?

With nearly 70 years of experience in the rail and rail car moving industry and over 11,000 units in service worldwide, Trackmobile is utilizing leading-edge technology to safely and effectively provide you with railcar mobility solutions for your industry.

  • Economy
    • Lower capital cost as replacement for expensive locomotives
    • Consumes up to 80% less than locomotives
  • Quality – ISO 9001 certification, Cummins engines and John Deere / Funk transmission
  • Reliability – Most consistent tractive effort in various weather and work conditions
  • Safety – patent pending 360 degree perimeter and railing cameras, work lights, etc.
  • Credibility
    • Part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., whose 2015 revenues were nearly $211 billion
    • Used in more than 60 countries globally
  • Power – Ability to pull up to 60* railcars
  • Bi-modal – On Road capability
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*Actual number of railcars pulled may vary based on model, track conditions, load, and other factors.

Rail Gauge Flexibility

Our current machine line-up offers options for the widest variation of rail axle gauges in the market. Including:

  • 1000 mm gauge
  • 1067 mm gauge
  • 1435 mm gauge
  • 1520 mm gauge
  • 1600 mm gauge
  • 1676 mm gauge

Click here to see where to find Trackmobiles in-use across the globe.

Connecting Up for Railcar Shunting

Did you know that we can accommodate virtually any coupler style, or coupler combination that you need?

We offer many of the most common couplers from around the world. Common couplers installed on Trackmobiles are:

  • AAR
  • SA-3
  • UIC (Hook and Buffer style)
  • Metro couplers
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If you require a unique style of coupler, ask if we can do it!

Rail wheel Profiles

In addition to offering the flexibility of various rail gauge sized axles and coupler styles, we also offer AAR, various UIC, as well as other special rail wheel profiles.

Railcar Movers for Metro Systems

We are not new to metro transportation systems. In fact, we have over 100 machines currently working in various metro systems, worldwide.

Are tunnels and other structures a concern? Do you have tight or low height clearances? We have a product that was designed just for you. At just 2438 mm wide, the Hercules Full Width Cab is an ideal solution for your application. Learn More.

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Mobile Railcar Movers Worldwide
Trackmobile Pulling – A Trackmobile Titan Shunts tank carloads of oil in Saudi Arabia
Mobile Railcar Movers
Mobile Railcar pulling 14 tankcars in Moscow
Mobile Railcar Movers
Hercules Model, Chemical Facility in Central Iowa
Railcar Movers
Railcar Mover CA
Industrial Railcar Shunting
Viking – Trackmobile’s nimblest capacity model
Industrial Railcar Shunting
Titan – Trackmobile’s highest capacity model
Mobile Railcar Movers
Titan, Stone Quarry
Mobile Railcar Movers
Titan Pulling Engines
Railcar Mobility Solutions
Simple to use controls
Railcar Movers
Hercules Wide-Cab Pulling Engine
Mobile Railcar Movers Worldwide
Railcar Mover Pulling 7 Hopper Cars
Mobile Railcar Movers
Frac Sand Cars
Railcar Mobility Solutions
Trackmobile – Partners in Oil-Gas companies
Railcar Movers
Railcar Mover Pulling High Speed Train in China
Industrial Railcar Shunting
Hercules – Trackmobile’s mid-range capacity model
Railcar Mobility Solutions
Biomass plant with 12 degree curves
Mobile Railcar Movers
Atlas Cabside
Mobile Railcar Movers Worldwide
Atlas Model at Grain Facility
Mobile Railcar Movers

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