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Surge Arresters and Overvoltage Limiters

Originally named ACER, the company ACER VOLTAGE Ltd. was founded in Hradec Kralove in 1992. From 2006 the company operated under the name ACER HK Ltd. and was renamed ACER VOLTAGE s.r.o. in 2016. The current company name reflects better its scope of business and activities.

It is a purely Czech company, which is engaged in the development and production of surge arresters and overvoltage limiters for the protection of LV and HV power distribution systems. An important part of the manufacturing scheme are overvoltage limiters for AC high voltage systems from 1 to 39 kV and overvoltage limiters for DC systems from 1 to 6 kV. They form an entire type range, which is constantly being broadened. Moreover, we can produce non-standard types according to customer requirements and specifications. Recently the product range has been completed by gas-filled power arresters from 60 V to 1000 V DC.

The main applications of the products can be found in railway industry, transportation enterprises, industrial plants, energy and power engineering. Our products protect the equipment of our customers against atmospheric and switching overvoltage and also protect their health and well-being.

Low-Voltage Surge Arresters for AC Networks

Protection of External Networks, Instruments, Distribution Transformers, Switchboards etc.

Overvoltage limiters designed to protect high-voltage transmission networks; transformers, switching equipment and HV cable distribution systems from atmospheric and switching overvoltage effects.

Overvoltage Protection: Limiters/Switches for AC Networks

Protection of Transformers, Cables, Motors, etc.

Surge arresters on flat busbars (SPB*/10 PP*) on bare overhead conductors (SPB */10 AlFe*) or on insulated overhead conductors (SPB */10 S*). Surge arrester as per EN 61643-11: 2012 with a nominal discharge current of 10 kA and a maximum continuous operating voltage of UC = 280 V, 440 V, 500 V or 660 V. They provide protection against low-voltage overvoltage, in low-voltage overhead power distribution systems they protect electrical equipment, instruments, switching equipment of distribution transformers and reduce the risk of damage to in-house networks and their equipment by atmospheric and switching overvoltage in AC networks with a frequency of 48-62 Hz.

Overvoltage Protection: Limiters/Switches for DC Networks

Protection of Traction Lines, Switchboards, Substations, Electrical Equipment for Trolleybuses, Tramcars, Electric Locomotives, etc.

Overvoltage limiters designed to protect converter stations and DC networks of electric traction systems connected to them from the effects of atmospheric and switching overvoltage. They are intended to protect traction lines, electrical equipment of trolleybuses and trams. They do not require any maintenance during their operating life.

Low Voltage Limiters for Railway Applications

Protection of Metal Constructions in Overhead Traction Systems, Substations, etc.

New kinds of low voltage limiters of Type 1 VLD-F based on requirements of EN 50122-1: 2011, which are designed to protect the parts of metallic structures which are not normally live, but have become live accidentally, both in DC and AC traction power supply systems.

They are used as lightning arresters to effectively protect persons who may come into contact with these parts during a storm or if any defect of the traction overhead line occurs.

The limiter has high internal electrical resistance when the voltage applied is lower than its nominal UV DC level and becomes conductive in case this voltage level is exceed.

Universal Surge Arresters

Protection of Supply Networks up to 1 000 V and LED Lighting

SPD275, SPD275S and SPD275FM are representatives of a wide range of surge protection devices of Class 2 + 3 according to EN 61643-11: 2012 and IEC 61643-11: 2011 for general use in AC power supply systems.

Characterised by excellent ability to absorb interference components of voltages propagating along the lines as the result of switching processes or due to effects of storm activity. SPD can be applied without the use of DIN rails even in places where there is a tight installation space, as well as an additional measure in applications where the occurrence of overvoltage causes operation problems.

Measuring Instruments

Diagnostics of Surge Arresters and Gas Discharge Tubes (Power GDT)

Measuring instruments – diagnostics of surge arresters and gas discharge tubes (power GDT) – for measuring of varistors mA point, DC ignition voltage of GDTs and insulating resistances.

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New Low Voltage Limiters for Railway Applications

New Low Voltage Limiters for Railway Applications

The new low voltage limiters are used in DC traction systems, protecting from electric shock when touching non-live metal parts.



Low Voltage Limiters for Railway Vehicles in DC Systems

Low Voltage Limiters for Railway Vehicles in DC Systems

Protection against Atmospheric and Switching Overvoltage in AC Systems

Protection against Atmospheric and Switching Overvoltage in AC Systems

Protection against Atmospheric and Switching Overvoltage in DC Systems

Protection against Atmospheric and Switching Overvoltage in DC Systems

Protection against Atmospheric and Switching Overvoltage in AC Systems

Protection against Atmospheric and Switching Overvoltage in AC Systems



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