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Your Specialist for Cleaning of Railway Components

BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of industrial cleaning systems. The experienced manufacturer develops and manufactures individual and integrated water-based cleaning solutions in Germany.

Since 1989, the owner-managed company stands for cleaning systems which stand out on account of their quality, intuitive operation and innovative technologies. BvL currently has around 160 employees. With regard to exports, the company has expanded its position on an international scale and can rely on an extensive sales and service network in 20 countries.

As a system partner, BvL offers comprehensive solutions for a variety of different customer requirements through integrated services – from simple washing units, filtration and automation solutions to complex large projects with process monitoring. The durable quality, intuitive operation and innovative technologies are supplemented with reliable service.

As a specialist for cleaning processes in rail traffic companies, the company can fall back on the experience from many complex projects over the course of 30 years.

This points the way for many years of precise and fault-free cleaning performance. Numerous national and international maintenance companies and manufacturers of new parts rely on the innovative technologies from BvL, which are continuously developed further to keep pace with the increasing cleanliness requirements. In the railway industry, BvL cleaning systems are suitable for parts such as axle bearing covers or train protection bars. This covers all areas of railway applications in maintenance, but also in the production of new railway components.

Massive contaminations, strong grease adhesion, rust and old paint on bogies & wheelsets, wheel bearings and electric motors require special processing technologies for efficient cleaning as a basis for any type of further processing – whether testing, maintenance and repairs, or paint application.

Specific application examples represent the extensive areas of application for BvL cleaning systems in the railway sector:

Cleaning Systems for Bogies: PacificTA Large-Parts Cleaning System and Geyser High-Pressure System

Cleaning of bogies requires a large-parts system into which the bogies can be introduced on a rail system. The BvL PacificTA large-parts cleaning system allows this type of loading at floor level. The system can be loaded from both sides. The continuous surrounding nozzle frames reliable remove substantial contaminations from the large, heavy bogies.

The Geyser high-pressure system in combination with precision robot systems improves working conditions and reduces the thermal and mechanical load on the surfaces.

Cleaning Solutions for Wheelsets with Persistent Layers of Contamination: PacificTA and Geyser

Wheelsets have substantial contaminations after years of use. Encrustations, brake dust, grease and old paint coats have to be removed so crack testing can be conducted or new paint coats can be applied. The PacificTA large-parts cleaning system allows automated feeding and discharge of the heavy wheelsets.

The Geyser high-pressure process uses a robot system for paint stripping and cleaning. Depending on the level of contamination, cleaning requirements and paint coats, the pressure ranges between 100 and 3,000 bar.

Reliable Cleaning Systems for Wheel Bearings and Bearing Housings: OceanRW Turntable System and YukonDA Continuous System

With long operating periods and high mileage, wheel bearings and bearing housings are exposed to extreme conditions. To exclude any damage, the wheel bearings and bearing housings have to be checked for cracks and serviced. This in turn requires thorough cleaning and removal of grease and oil. Complex geometries, substantial grease deposits and difficult access complicate cleaning, so that the cleaning systems have to meet special requirements.

In the BvL OceanRW cleaning systems, the bearings can be placed directly on the parts carriers. A special nozzle system uses a spray process to ensure intensive cleaning all around. This system can also be used with a cycled continuous process. The YukonDA continuous cleaning systems allow a high throughput with low handling effort and individual transport options. Both system types clean cylinder bearings, radial roller bearings as well as other bearings gently and reliably.

Stators and Rotors from Drive Motors Perfectly Cleaned and Dried with OceanRW

Removing oil, grease and coal dust is essential for testing and maintenance of the engine components. 100 per cent drying is also an absolute must. Both requirements can be met with the OceanRW turntable system. Extending internal lances provide powerful cleaning even inside the stators while the integrated vacuum drying ensures absolute drying.

BvL Cleaning Systems for Cleaning New Railway Components

The manufacturing of new components for the railway sector also requires reliable cleaning at the different production stages. The OceanRW turntable system and the YukonDA continuous system, for example, are used to thoroughly remove processing residue and grease from railway axles, wheels and bearing housings. Integration into the individual production sequence of the customer process allows a high degree of automation and best possible process reliability.

With an international network, BvL ensures international proximity and worldwide on-site service through the regional sales partners. This ensures smooth communication in the local language and compliance with international guidelines at all times.

The specific cleaning requirements and starting conditions play a vital role for each individual project. Adapted to the requirements at hand, BvL develops a system concept which perfectly combines the possibilities offered by the different cleaning systems and the system technologies. Integration into the production or maintenance process of the existing customer situation with individual automation and gantry solutions is just as important as configuring the additional system components for cooling and drying.

Equipping your system concept with high-quality components ensures the process reliability in your maintenance and production processes. At the same time, it enables a comprehensive increase in efficiency with better cleaning performance. In this context, a special focus is placed on energy saving measures: Comprehensive insulation of the system components is an important part of the system concept.

Libelle Sensor System

The Libelle sensor system ensures ideal conditions with regard to resource efficiency and optimum bath quality. Every BvL cleaning system is equipped with Libelle Fluid Control as a standard. It continuously monitors the bath condition to reduce the need for complex residual contamination analyses. Libelle Oil Control ensures precise and fast evaluation of the oil content in the medium. Batches with very high oil contamination are especially common in the railway sector, which makes this continuous monitoring particularly important for the quality of the cleaning results. The cleaning agent management controls the automatic top up of the cleaning agent using Libelle Cleaner Control, ensuring a constant cleaning agent concentration.

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BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH News

Webinar: Cost Reduction in Energy-Efficient Cleaning Processes

Webinar: Cost Reduction in Energy-Efficient Cleaning Processes

BvL will hold a free online webinar on cost reduction in production with automated and energy-efficient cleaning processes in February.

BvL Cleaning System in Production Cell Needs Less Personnel

BvL Cleaning System in Production Cell Needs Less Personnel

BvL Oberflächentechnik is working on a brand new cleaning system which it believes will require less personnel to maintain and operate.

Fully Automated Cleaning System with Pick and Place System

Fully Automated Cleaning System with Pick and Place System

The BvL Yukon Cleaning System no longer has to be loaded and unloaded manually thanks to its fully automated pick and place system.

Speed Webinar March ‘22: Prerequisites for Good Cleaning Results

Speed Webinar March ‘22: Prerequisites for Good Cleaning Results

Prerequisites for Good Cleaning Results – The Fundamentals of Cleaning Technology: join BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH for the free webinar.

Efficient Cleaning of Railway Parts

Efficient Cleaning of Railway Parts

Free Speed Webinar: Efficient cleaning of railway parts as a success factor for maintenance and new component production.

Cleaning of New Railway Parts with BvL

Cleaning of New Railway Parts with BvL

Efficient and economical cleaning of new railway parts and components with BvL. New parts reliably cleaned in all variants.

Experienced Systems for Efficient Railway Parts Cleaning with BvL

Experienced Systems for Efficient Railway Parts Cleaning with BvL

BvL offers a variety of solutions for railway parts cleaning during maintenance and quality testing for transport companies. 

Modern Wheelset Cleaning with Maximum Precision

Modern Wheelset Cleaning with Maximum Precision

In addition to wheelset cleaning, BvL also offers other processing technologies, e.g. with high pressure for other railway components.

BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH Videos

BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH Images

4 BvL Yukon_3009 Cleaning Bearing Horizontal

An all-around cleanliness of the bearings is realized by a specific spray cover

5 BvL PacificTA_3135 Cleaning Wheelsets

A special nozzle system provides water application so that reliable cleanliness is ensured even in difficult-to-reach locations of the heavy wheelsets

10 BvL Bearings Pre-After Cleaning

Bearings before and after cleaning with BvL cleaning system

3 BvL Pacific Cleaning Bogies

Cleaning system PacificTA ensures reliable cleanliness for heavy bogies and allows loading from both sides

1 BvL Image Service

BvL Service

2 BvL Pacific_3045 Diverse Railway Components

The large-parts cleaning system Pacific removes heavy contaminations from diverse railway parts

7 BvL Geyser Paint Stripping with High Pressure

The BvL Geyser high-pressure system can even be used for paint stripping

4 BvL Yukon_3009 Cleaning Bearing Vertical

By setting the bearings to intrinsic rotation within the Yukon cleaning system targeted cleaning is provided

6 BvL OceanRW_3196 Cleaning Stators

With the OceanRW turntable system stators and rotors can be cleaned thoroughly from all sides by using a specific lance system

6 BvL OceanRW Lance for Stator Cleaning

With the OceanRW turntable system stators and rotors can be cleaned thoroughly from all sides by using a specific lance system

6 BvL OceanRW Lance Cleaning Motor Parts

With the OceanRW turntable system stators and rotors can be cleaned thoroughly from all sides by using a specific lance system

8 BvL Yukon Cleaning New Rail Wheel

New rail wheel after the cleaning from residue and grease within the production process

5 BvL PacificTA Diverse Railway Components

Well-insulated pumps, filters and pipelines ensure energy savings within the BvL cleaning systems

9 BvL Libelle Fluid Control

In every BvL cleaning system the Libelle Fluid Control continuously monitors the bath condition

1 BvL Image Railway

Cleaning of Railway Components

1 BvL Image Water

Industrial cleaning systems

2 BvL International Network

BvL International Network

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