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Complete Composite Systems — Expert Composite Plastic Engineers Serving the Rail Industry

Complete Composite Systems designs, manufactures and installs standard and bespoke composite and engineered plastic systems for challenging rail infrastructure across the world.

Our products are constructed from the finest quality materials, tested to the highest standards and proven to work in the most demanding conditions with unsurpassed reliability compared to traditional materials.

Composite Systems for Rail Applications

CCS has over 50 years’ hands-on experience with composites and engineered plastics. Combined with leading expertise in FEA and CAD software, we provide an unsurpassed level of product knowledge, service and performance. Our cable management systems can be found in rail networks across Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

ARCOSYSTEM is an extremely versatile elevated cable management system. Designed to be post-mounted, wall-hung or fixed to line side structures at six-metre centres, the system uses a dedicated range of bespoke bracketry that enables height and direction changes to be safely accommodated with ease. As well as being resistant to water and a wide range of chemicals, the system’s lightweight structure makes it easy to install, ensuring installation times and labour costs are dramatically reduced.

TECHNO-CRETE is an environmentally-friendly post mix designed to securely hold fence posts, elevated troughing and signage in place. It is a two-part, high-density hydrophobic polyurethane based upon a blend of reprocessed oil from the catering industry and sustainably grown rape seed oil. Once mixed, the blend foams to form a structurally robust, solid foam. Its two-pack system is hand mixed and doesn’t need water. One 1.8kg pack replaces three 20kg bags of concrete post mix, significantly reducing transportation costs and injury risks from manual handling. Using TECHNO-CRETE instead of cement-based concrete in 1,000 holes (300 x 600mm diameter) saves over 10 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere, the equivalent of over ten return flights from London to New York.

TERRASYSTEM is a tough, UV-stabilised ground-mounted cable management system. It’s also lightweight and impact-resistant, making it an easy product to handle and install on-site. TERRASYSTEM’s interlocking troughs and lockable lids make it a safe, secure system with excellent fire and toxicity performance. Ideal for use in a wide range of temperatures, TERRASYSTEM is being used everywhere from the frozen wastelands of Greenland to the desert sands of Saudi Arabia.

TouchSafe FRP Composite Palisade Fencing is made to offer a strong, safe and non-conductive barrier to screen electrical equipment or hazards. The panels are manufactured from pultruded profiles and cross angles that are interlocked to form a robust structure. There is no need for maintenance and less chance of damage from potential vandalism incidents. As composites are natural electrical insulants, the fencing provides a non-conductive boundary for the safe containment of electrical equipment on rail applications such as substations, LOC suites, and OLE masts.

Case Study: Efficient and Easy Elevated Troughing with ARCOSYSTEM

Rail industry projects often face challenges such as congested infrastructure, old and new technologies merging, or ground conditions proving difficult. When railway engineering contractors Haigh Rail Ltd had one such project at Greenbank Station in Cheshire, England, ARCOSYSTEM — the elevated cable management product — was the perfect choice.

Haigh Rail was tasked with the installation of new elevated troughing for the holding of a 650v power cable. The design of this particular trough route was more unusual than most. Ground investigation revealed conditions were very poor and that the usual 1.9m posts with 600mm foundations were simply not going to cut it. Instead, 4m posts were required to give the route the anchor it needed. This required bespoke posts and bracketry to support the troughing which had been specified for the project.

ARCOSYSTEM was chosen due to the technical ability of its manufacturer to create bespoke products with ease and at speed. The custom-made bracketry required for the Greenbank Station project took just five weeks from concept to delivery.

Chris Haigh, Managing Director of Haigh Rail, said of ARCOSYSTEM: “It is simple to install, we had no site issues and everything went smoothly. We were achieving 24 posts and 15 lengths (90m) of route in four hours, which is amazing considering we were pushing in 4m posts, utilising an RRV and we found lots of buried cables in the way. This was by no means a perfect area.

“The product looks great and our client is happy. We did need additional materials midway through the scheme which was sorted efficiently by Scott Parnell, the UK stockist of the product. Scott Parnell provided a great service overall, very efficient staff and supply. I would highly recommend ARCOSYSTEM as it is simple to install.”

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Complete Composite Systems (CCS) News

Complete Composite Systems: Successful Installation in Flood-Hit Area

Complete Composite Systems: Successful Installation in Flood-Hit ...

Complete Composite System's versatile cable management product ARCOSYSTEM®, was successfully fitted in Kordel, Germany.

Complete Composite Systems: ARCOSYSTEM® Works Downhill

Complete Composite Systems: ARCOSYSTEM® Works Downhill

ARCOSYSTEM®️ from Complete Composite Systems was used in the challenging hillside project in the town of Neuhausen am Rheinfall.

TECHNO-CRETE® – Sustainable and Easily Transportable

TECHNO-CRETE® – Sustainable and Easily Transportable

Complete Composite Systems used their eco-friendly post mix, TECHNO-CRETE® during a recent installation for Siemens.

How ARCOsystem Is Boosting Digital Rail Communications

How ARCOsystem Is Boosting Digital Rail Communications

Complete Composite Systems' ARCOsystem leads the way in improving Wi-Fi coverage on rail networks across Europe.

Hamburg Installation Showcases Versatility of ARCOsystem

Hamburg Installation Showcases Versatility of ARCOsystem

A recent rail project in Hamburg, Germany highlighted the capability and flexibility of ARCOsystem to handle demanding installations.

Introducing… TouchSAFE Composite Palisade Fencing

Introducing… TouchSAFE Composite Palisade Fencing

TouchSAFE FRP Composite Fencing provides a robust, long-lasting and non-conductive barrier for the safe containment of electrical equipment.

Why ARCOSYSTEM® Is the Benchmark Cable Management System

Why ARCOSYSTEM® Is the Benchmark Cable Management System

ARCOSYSTEM® is a lightweight and versatile elevated cable management system with support structure and bracketry made from galvanised steel.

Case Study: Delivering Bespoke Elevated Cable Management

Case Study: Delivering Bespoke Elevated Cable Management

PACE Infrastructure Solutions were contracted to provide a bespoke elevated cable management system for a London Bridge Thameslink project.

Efficient and Easy Elevated Troughing with ARCOsystem

Efficient and Easy Elevated Troughing with ARCOsystem

Discover why ARCOsystem cable management was the ideal choice for a challenging railway elevated troughing installation project.

Advanced ARCOsystem Installation Method, Saving Time and Money

Advanced ARCOsystem Installation Method, Saving Time and Money

A new installation technique has made ARCOsystem, CCS' leading elevated cable management product, quicker and more cost-effective to deliver.

Complete Composite Systems (CCS) Videos

Complete Composite Systems (CCS) Images

CCS | ARCO Castioni_Sylt

The ARCOSYSTEM post-mounted lineside in Sylt, Germany

CCS | ARCO lowering Marburg

An example of the flexibility of height changes afforded by the lightweight ARCOSYSTEM

CCS | ARCO close-up Idar-Oberstein

A close-up view of the pultruded troughs and lids that make up the ARCOSYSTEM

CCS | ARCO trackside

ARCOSYSTEM in place trackside

CCS | ARCO Idar-Oberstein

ARCOSYSTEM installed in Idar-Oberstein in Germany

CCS | Techno-Crete setting

Our TECHNO-CRETE post mix in the stage of setting

CCS | TERRAsystem

TERRASYSTEM, our UV-stabilised ground-mounted cable management system

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