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Smart Rail Solutions

Together with you, Goldschmidt masters all challenges of modern, railbound mobility – for safe, sustainable and long-lasting railways of premium quality. As with Thermit®, Goldschmidt is also a pioneer in maintenance, inspection and digitalization and continues to improve processes and extend the lifecycle of railways. Goldschmidt combines its extensive railway expertise and benefits from its global expertise and cross-disciplinary thinking to create tailor-made local solutions for you. The global presence of Goldschmidt gives you access to its whole portfolio – with one goal: to lead your railway infrastructure into the future.

Everything for Your Track

Goldschmidt offers a comprehensive range of products and services worldwide for the joining of rails, modern construction of railway track, and inspection of your track infrastructure and its maintenance. Using the products and services in connection with our intelligent digital solutions we give life to the vision of the digital track construction site.

Original Thermit®

As the inventor and global market and technological leader in the field of Thermit® welding, for over 125 years Goldschmidt has set standards for the continuously welded track. We develop, produce and supply all of the associated equipment, machines and materials.

Grinding Solutions

Using grinding, reprofiling and deburring machines, semi automatic large grinding machines and road-rail grinding vehicles Goldschmidt maintains the quality of your railway tracks – quickly, efficiently and with precision. Well-trained, experienced grinding teams offer flexibility.

Welding Solutions

All over the world rails are welded using Goldschmidt expertise and new rails are weld tempered: for a longer service life and to ensure that all types of trains and trams run quietly, safely and environmentally friendly.

Insulated Rail Joints

Goldschmidt offers a wide range of insulated rail joints which meet the requirements of regional railways in all countries. These high quality products contribute towards the safety and reliability of railway networks worldwide.

Digital Solutions

As a pioneer in the field of digitalization Goldschmidt works on the comprehensive networking of devices, machines, road-rail vehicles and track construction sites to enable greater quality, safety, transparency and efficiency with the construction and maintenance of modern railway networks.

Measuring & Testing Solutions

Goldschmidt offers a comprehensive range of inspection products to identify and assess rail defects, track geometry, rail profiles and also wheel profiles. The future-oriented technologies provide precise measurement and testing results in a standard format. Whether as a hand-held inspection device or integrated in trolleys, road- rail vehicles or inspection trains –Goldschmidt enables safety of your tracks.

Tools & Machines

Goldschmidt offers first class tools and machines for the professional execution of work on railway tracks with all available drive technologies, e.g. gasoline and diesel engines, battery-powered motors and hydraulically- driven motors. The products work efficiently, offer high performance and are user-friendly.


Goldschmidt offers you products and solutions to improve safety, availability and comfort such as rail lubrication devices to reduce rail wear and rail noise emissions, switch heating devices, and track safety systems such as rail buffers or quickly fitted magnetic track barriers.

Road-Rail Vehicles

Depending on the respective application, Goldschmidt offers road-rail vehicles up to a weight of 32 tons, e.g. overhead line installation vehicles, inspection and track cleaning vehicles for public transport companies, measurement and welding vehicles, and also heavy recovery vehicles and bridge inspection vehicles for main lines.

Proven Processes with Know-How

Passengers want to reach their destination safely and in comfort. Companies want to economically transport freight on time. And network operators require a railway network with a long service life which can be run profitably without operational restrictions.

Rail Joining

The railways are the most reliable, comfortable, economic and ecological way to transport people and goods. They are therefore an integral part of all viable and sustainable mobility concepts. But this requires reliable railway tracks with a long service life. Many railway organizations such as Amtrak in the US, the Chinese National Railway and the light rail networks in Europe operate their trains and trams on Goldschmidt expertise. Around the world high-speed trains, freight trains, heavy load trains, trams und underground railways glide over seamlessly welded track. This is made possible by the Thermit® welding process which enables Goldschmidt to make an excellent connection between almost all types of rail.

Track Modernization

Holistic concepts for sustainability and achievement of environmental targets are big challenges for today and the future. This ties in directly with the increasing interest in modern railway mobility along with rail- way infrastructure which will remain viable in the future. Goldschmidt offers innovative products and services worldwide which are tailor- made for the renovation and modernization of railway tracks with the focus always on the future of your railway network for greater load- bearing capacity, superior passenger comfort and a longer service life adapted to the local requirements.

Smart Solutions with Added Value

The high investment necessary for modern railway networks has to ensure good long-term condition of the tracks and continuous availability. This is the only way to fully exploit the potential of mobility transfer and transport more people and goods by rail.

Smart Inspection

Companies and passengers require reliability and safety. Rails are only able to fulfil their role with regard to the future of mobility if they are and remain durable. Therefore, Goldschmidt with all its expertise actively promotes the intelligent inspection of the condition of the tracks. This is the most important preventive measure against heavy wear due to continuous loads, possible adverse effects caused by rail defects and the best measure to ensure a long and successful service life of each rail.

Predictive Maintenance

Professional maintenance sustainably extends the lifecycle of rails and switches with underground networks, tram networks, light and mainline rail networks and reduces long-term costs. In your interest, Goldschmidt takes these tasks particularly seriously with the application of modern technology in a global network which is constantly updated. The invaluable experience gained from a wide range of projects around the world helps to maintain all types of rail networks in good condition and therefore safeguard your valuable investment.

DARI® by Goldschmidt

Since the invention of the Thermit® welding process and continuously welded track Goldschmidt has driven the development of railbound traffic. Today this means there is no alternative to digitalization and networking. Naturally Goldschmidt is actively involved – in your interest.

Our database solution DARI® – Data Acquisition for Rail Infrastructure – enables us to make our products smarter, more effective and sustainable. Goldschmidt has therefore taken the next logical step and combines a collection of modern, high performance stand-alone solutions into a digital network consisting of intelligent products.

This innovative edge, based on the future-oriented technology of DARI®, is the special and unique added value offered by our Goldschmidt products. Experience new dimensions at the track construction site. With DARI® by Goldschmidt.

About Goldschmidt

In 1895, Hans Goldschmidt invented the Thermit® process, providing the basis for safe, comfortable and efficient railway mobility which up to the present day continues to define the international standard for the welding of rails. Accordingly, for the last 125 years the company has been defined by the innovative spirit of the inventor and a tireless pursuit to develop new technology and improve existing solutions.

Building on this important invention and passion for innovation a global company group was established which together with you will shape the mobility of tomorrow with numerous products and services for railway tracks. This ranges from the Original Thermit® portion to digital solutions for railway infrastructure projects. Customers all around the world depend on the quality and reliability of Goldschmidt with the trams of the European transport companies running on the same know-how as the high-speed trains in China.

Goldschmidt as a successful family-owned company remains committed to traditional ethical and sustainable values and has developed its core expertise in the field of Thermit® to become a pioneering full-service provider. All around the world customers benefit from this combined railway infrastructure expertise. With its internationally proven know how and visionary thinking, Goldschmidt is a trusted partner and intelligent problem solver where the focus of our daily work is the success of our customers.

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Goldschmidt News

Performance, Flexibility and Elegance at Its Best

Performance, Flexibility and Elegance at Its Best

A New Generation of Road-Rail Inspection Vehicle: The Goldschmidt BRB 32B is the best way to maintain and inspect railway bridges.

Goldschmidt Presents Its New Brand Identity

Goldschmidt Presents Its New Brand Identity

Goldschmidt, the global market leader for products and services for railway infrastructure is presenting its new brand today.

Measurement and Inspection Services – Accuracy at First Sight

Measurement and Inspection Services – Accuracy at First Sight

Goldschmidt provide measurement and inspection services so you can assess and monitor the quality of your railway tracks at any time.

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Convinces with Innovative Railway Infrastructure Solutions

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Convinces with Innovative Railway Infra...

Data Acquisition for Rail Infrastructure, a cloud-based database solution developed by the company, enables the automation of documentation..

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Acquires Inspection Technology Specialist PLR

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Acquires Inspection Technology Speciali...

The Goldschmidt Thermit Group with headquarters in Leipzig continues to pursue its global growth strategy and has further expanded its product range in the area...

Products and Services for More Safety, Reliability and Availability of Your Railway Tracks from Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd

Products and Services for More Safety, Reliability and Availabili...

Thermit Welding (GB) Ltd, part of the Goldschmidt Thermit Group, offers a wide range of new and innovative solutions to provide significant improvements all acr...

SRS Road-Rail Vehicles: Unbeatable Mobility on the Tracks

SRS Road-Rail Vehicles: Unbeatable Mobility on the Tracks

SRS road-rail vehicles move between work sites at normal road speed and can be driven on the road as close as possible to the work site. This reduces the...

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Acquires Polish Measurement Technology Specialist

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Acquires Polish Measurement Technology ...

The Goldschmidt Thermit Group based in Leipzig continues to pursue its expansion strategy and has further extended its product range through acquisitions.

Goldschmidt Thermit Group acquire SRS Sjölanders

Goldschmidt Thermit Group acquire SRS Sjölanders

The Leipzig, Germany based Goldschmidt Thermit Group is expanding in Scandinavia with the acquisition of SRS Sjölanders AB based in Osby, Sweden.

Iberian Rail Development Conference Comes to Madrid

Iberian Rail Development Conference Comes to Madrid

Iberian Rail Development Conference Comes to Madrid on 7 June 2016 to discuss the most pressing issues facing the rail industry in the region

Lengthening the Rail Life Cycle

Lengthening the Rail Life Cycle

Fire Detection / Suppression equipment spot and attempt to lower the risk if there is a fire. This page contains all the latest information, news, videos, im...

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Founds Subsidiary in Poland

Goldschmidt Thermit Group Founds Subsidiary in Poland

The Goldschmidt Thermit Group based in Leipzig, Germany continues to expand. The leading global company for joint welding and servicing and maintenance of rail ...

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GOLDSCHMIDT Weld-Tempering of New Rails

Weld-Tempering of New Rails

GOLDSCHMIDT Battery powered rail drilling machine

Battery powered rail drilling machine RD 330 B

GOLDSCHMIDT Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units



Goldschmidt Thermit Group Thermit Welding

Thermit Welding

Goldschmidt Insulated Rail Joints

Insulated Rail Joints

Goldschmidt Thermit Group SMARTWELD JET


Goldschmidt Profile Grinder GP 4000

Profile Grinder GP 4000

RAILSTRAIGHT Measurement Devices

RAILSTRAIGHT Measurement Devices

SRS Road-Rail Vehicle

Road-Rail Vehicle

Rail Grinding Vehicles


Maintenance for Tracks and Switches

Maintenance for Tracks and Switches



SRS Road-Rail Vehicle

Road-Rail Vehicle

SRS Road-Rail Vehicle

Road-Rail Vehicle



Goldschmidt Thermit Group am 15.08.2016



TRACKGAUGE DIGITAL- Digital gauge for track and switches

GOLDSCHMIDT Track Measurement and Services

Track Measurement Devices and Services

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