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Adhesives for Rolling Stock

From the ceiling and flooring to the windshield and cockpit, you can find our smart adhesives and sealants transforming almost every aspect of modern rail stock and railcar assembly.

Fire Retardancy and Superior Performance

Our chemists create adhesives to stay ahead of changes in rail regulation and vehicle design. In fact, many of our products already meet the full range of hazard levels and exceed upcoming European and North American safety standards for smoke, flame and toxicity – such as EN45545 and NFPA 130.

Our range of smart adhesives stands for safe, strong and reliable railcar assembly for today and decades to come. That‘s why rolling stock manufacturers choose Bostik adhesives to meet environmental tests, achieve superior performance and guarantee a safer, more comfortable environment for passengers.

Smart Innovations

Bostik adhesives are at the forefront of rail stock and railcar assembly. Industry-leading technologies like our silyl modified polymer (SMP) adhesives provide a wealth of smart properties, from fire retardancy to exceptional green strength.

Discover our extensive range of rail stock and railcar adhesives, including pressure sensitive fire-retardant acrylic films and high-performance hot-melt polyester products.

Railcar Floor Sealants

At Bostik, we’re at the forefront of floor bonding installation adhesives. Modern train floors can be made from wood, composite material or honeycomb aluminum. Bonding the floor to the metal frame improves the assembly process and enhances the overall quality of ride for the passenger.

Bonded floors provide improved vibration management and acoustic control while eliminating maintenance issues arising from mechanical fastening, which can lead to damaged floor panels and moisture and water ingress into the subfloor.

Our smart railcar floor bonding adhesives cover a range of beneficial characteristics for rolling stock manufacturers. We’ve developed products that provide choice in curing times and methods, green strength and precision placement of substrates. We have even formulated a floor bonding adhesive in anticipation of upcoming changes to European standards in fire retardancy (EN45545) while meeting and exceeding NFPA 103 standards for smoke, flame and toxicity.

Railcar Door Sealant for Effective Gap-Filling and Weatherproofing

Our door sealant technologies are compatible with a variety of substrates typically used for train cars, and can be effectively applied for all seam-sealing and gap-filling applications, whether they lie on the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

Our rail-specific technologies are specially formulated to not only provide watertight seals, but also endure continually high air pressure and adverse weather conditions, without succumbing to shear stress or other deformities.

Windshield Adhesive for Railcar Manufacturers and General Rolling Stock Maintenance

From locomotive engineers to railcar manufacturers, strong and reliable installation of a train windshield is always a primary concern for those working with railway rolling stock. At Bostik, we know that smart, meticulous window assembly contributes a great deal to the overall safety of the cockpit.

It is imperative that your installation not only has a strong bond, but will also be able to bear the brunt of adverse weather conditions, from consistently high wind pressures to a range of temperatures.

Our engineers have built innovative solutions to provide your railcar with a technological advantage. Ensure your windshield installation does not shrink, chalk or crack for years down the line by contacting Bostik’s technical team and asking about our bond strength and thermal expansion calculators.

Headlight Bonding Adhesive for Railcar Manufacturers and Rolling Stock Maintenance

Our team of specialist engineers create railcar adhesives for headlight bonding and sealing that help you keep pace with the competition and stay ahead of regulatory changes in the rail industry.

Our comprehensive range of SMP adhesives covers a spectrum of viscosities. This means with Bostik headlight adhesives, you are given a choice when it comes to bond strength and workability, helping you find the perfect solution to your railcar assembly needs.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation for Railcar Manufacturers and Rolling Stock Maintenance

Providing a comfortable, modern travel experience for your customers is paramount. Our performance thermal and acoustical insulation rail adhesives make it possible to quickly and effectively bond together the foam and foil layers needed to insulate rail passengers against extreme temperatures and excessive noise.

Our thermal and acoustical insulation product range provides you with a broad choice of application methods and adhesive characteristics, while maintaining at its core the reliability and durability found in all our railcar adhesives.

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