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Lightweight Composite Solutions for Rolling Stock

3A Composites Mobility provided just what manufacturers were looking for when it pioneered the introduction of ultra-lightweight sandwich technology. With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing composite systems for a wide range of industries, the internationally renowned 3A Composites Mobility, part of Schweiter Technologies, is moving into the future with innovative solutions.

The design and construction of lightweight systems is the core philosophy of 3A Composites Mobility and the focus of its competencies. Our tried and tested construction methods and their specific design for extreme loads enable us to exploit the potential of the materials. Weight and performance are optimized in parallel. This means that raw materials and energy are used efficiently during the production and operation of trains and buses.

Our lightweight products are already helping to reduce the carbon footprint by reducing weight while permitting efficient energy consumption, which is highly appreciated by our customers and rail operators. Our product portfolio focuses on integrated systems such as train fronts, flooring and roof systems, vehicle sidewalls and other elements used in many different vehicles around the world. Public transport systems with lightweight solutions such as front cabins for streetcars and other rail vehicles, interior linings for passenger areas of trains, heated and unheated floors, lightweight composite roofs for trams and intermediate floors for double-decker trains: we offer our customers functionally integrated lightweight systems based on innovative composite materials for sustainable mobility.

GRP Front Cabin for Locomotives, LRVs, EMU, DMU, Metros and High Speed Trains

We offer INNOCAB® Advanced, a self-supporting and INNOCAB® Plus, a nonself-supporting, GRP – sandwich cabin. Both are lightweight, ready-to- install front-end cabin units with tight tolerances and superior impact resistance. For special requirements we can deliver full equipped and painted train front cabins with windshield, exterior lighting, information display and sun shades.

Composite Sandwich Floor for Locomotives, LRVs, EMU, DMU, Metros and High Speed Trains

For high standard floor systems, we provide our long proven heated floors COMFLOOR® Advanced and COMFLOOR® Plus. Latest developments include new unheated floors: the very stiff and acoustic optimized COMFLOOR® Entry and our very light COMFLOOR®Basic is moving into the future with innovative solutions.

Claddings for Locomotives, LRVs, EMU, DMU, Metros and High Speed Trains

INFIT® Cladding – We offer a wide range of claddings, including roof and underfloor claddings as well as flaps. Furthermore, we offer claddings for driver cabs, entrances, staircases, passenger compartments and enclosures for control cabinets.

Separation Walls for Locomotives, LRVs, EMU, DMU, Metros and High Speed Trains

Within our INFIT® Separation Wall segment, we provide separation walls with different sandwich constructions. The combination of low weight, acoustic insulation and customized function integration makes these walls the ideal choice for separating specific areas-from small cabins to entire compartments.

Light Staircase for Double Deck Trains

Our new and innovative solution INFIT® Lightstair provides a light, cost optimized, and function integrated stair system designed for ease of installation in any kind of train. This solution reduces installation time, quantity of personnel for mounting and time for exact positioning.

Interdeck – Intermediate Floor for Double Deck Trains

For structural intermediate floors, we offer our XBODY® Interdeck. It offers high stiffness, acoustic insulation and load capacity along with reduced weight. In addition, we can offer an expanded range of system integration by placing lighting and air ducts within the sandwich interdeck. This reduces overall weight, installation time and provides access to a high-precision structural floor system.

Driver Desk for Locomotives, LRVs, EMU, DMU, Metros and High Speed Trains

INNODESK- Our modular and structural driver’s desk, made of a lightweight combination of materials, offers a multifunctional structure and thereby reduces secondary costs. This is achieved by eliminating the need for an additional metal support.


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Structural Metro Floor – XBODY® Metro

Structural Metro Floor – XBODY® Metro

XBODY® Metro is a structural sandwich flooring solution for metro vehicles, replacing conventional welded extruded aluminum profile floors. 

Structural Cab for Shunter Locomotives –  XBODY® Lok

Structural Cab for Shunter Locomotives – XBODY® Lok

XBODY® Lok is a structural cab solution for Shunter locomotives that replaces conventional welded steel or aluminum cab solutions.

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3A Composites Mobility | INNOCAB

High-quality, ready-to-install front cabs for trains that provide exceptional safety in the event of a collision. Structural Lightweight solution with all safety certifications. The INNOCAB®Advanced and INNOCAB®Plus system sets new trends in integrated cabs, including windshields, headlights, windshield wipers, passenger information panels, ventilation system, roller blinds, heated floor and interior cladding.

3A Composites Mobility | COMFLOOR®Plus

In this train the floor is heated with our COMFLOOR®Advanced and COMFLOOR®Plus system, a floor made of composite materials. In addition, it can be equipped with customer-specific side coverings. The thermal capacities can also be individualized and heated by specific zones.

3A Composites Mobility | Components

Our components and solutions are designed in such a way that the interfaces to the vehicle and their connection points fit perfectly. The high precision allows to reduce assembly and adjustment times.

3A Composites Mobility | Certification

The annual certification allows us to continuously improve our processes, making our business more and more dynamic and efficient. Our customers benefit directly through continuous improvements achieved and implemented.

3A Composites Mobility | INFIT® Lightstair

Our innovative solution INFIT®️ Lightstair- that provides a lightweight stair system, designed to facilitate installation on any type of single or double-deck train in minimum time and with maximum precision. It also allows to reduce the amount of personnel and complementary equipment required for its installation.

3A Composites Mobility | Front Ends

The most interesting thing about the front cabin solutions - The INNOCAB®Advanced and INNOCAB®Plus - is the integration of multiple functions, parts and pieces, and the possibility to install the cabin in a short time. Our clients achieve greater efficiency in the completion of the trains and final adjustment works.

3A Composites Mobility | Composite Materials

Composite materials play an increasingly important role in the transportation industry. They are used in single or semi-equipped cabins, heated floor systems with integrated sensors and cables, extremely strong roof elements, single or heated sidewalls, or even intermediate floors of double-decker trains.

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