Altro Safety Flooring for Rail

Altro have been designing and producing high quality rail safety flooring for almost sixty years. Here at Altro we pride ourselves on our drive to transform transport spaces for the people who use them, putting design-led innovation at the core of everything we do. We appreciate that train interiors are a large part of the on-board experience that modern passengers demand, so we partner with you to deliver more visually appealing, safe, compliant, and environmentally conscious rail cars.

Our lightweight train floor material offers:

  • reduced slip risk of one in a million, with minimum sustained slip resistance of PTV ≥36
  • a range of compliance certifications, meaning that there is a floor for every application
  • wide ranging colour palettes, with the option of choosing a unique custom design unique to suit your branding and installation
  • lighter weight than competition products
  • compatibility with our self-adhesive solution, allowing you to streamline your installation saving time, emissions and up to 60% on adhesive weight per square metre

Altro train flooring can be seen in a range of applications across the world, including a variety of different types of rolling stock, stations and even cable cars. From the companies specifying, to the experts fitting the floor, to the passengers who will be relying on your rail service, we’re committed to creating train floor material which positively impact all individuals who might come into contact with it.

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Rail Safety Flooring

Here at Altro, safety is our highest priority. We’re proud that we offer imperative weight and compliancy features without ever compromising on our safety credentials. It’s important that passengers have the best protection underfoot to minimise the risk of slips or falls, no matter if the service is busy or what might contaminate the floor. The slip resistant aggregates in Altro rail floors are distributed throughout the thickness of the floor to ensure strong contact between the floor and the shoe. All Altro rail floors achieve pendulum test values of 36 as a minimum, guaranteed for the lifetime of the floor. We’re so proud of our safety credentials that we are the only manufacturer to list all of our safety test results on our sample cards.

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Design for Rail Interiors

We ensure that whatever your vision, we can help produce the modern, inviting environments that modern passengers expect. Beyond the sample card, we give you the opportunity to create entirely custom designs with complete colour freedom with both the base and aggregate colours (subject to moq). Why not try out our kit cutting and logo service? Using our precision cutting equipment, we can make any logo or design out of our flooring products, from your company branding to useful wayfinding logos.

Rail Flooring Compliance

Our portfolio covers a range of compliancy regulations to give you choice wherever and whatever you’re specifying for.

Altro Transflor Tungsten™
Altro Transflor Tungsten is an acrylic safety floor available in a colour palette of thirteen options, and the widest, lightest and safest HL-2 compliant rail floor in the market. Altro Transflor Tungsten is compliant for a range of applications and is in use in the Virgin ticket hall at London Euston Station, thw Stuttgarter Straßenbahn, as well as the Emirates Airline cable cars in Greenwich.

  • 2mm thickness
  • EN45545-HL2 compliant
  • PTV ≥40 / R11 – a one in a million chance of a slip
  • Flexible for an easy install in more challenging areas
  • 2.7km/m²
  • Delivered in a 2m wide roll
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Altro Transflor Tungsten is a tough, lightweight choice with excellent safety credentials for areas where vinyl is not viable. Visit to find out more.

Altro Transflor Met™
Altro Transflor Met has proven its versatility for over a decade. See its custom design in the carriages of Grand Central intercity trains, or in the buffet cars of Virgin Pendolino trains.

  • 2.5mm vinyl rail floor
  • Compliant to BS 6853, class 1b
  • PTV ≥36 / R10 – a one in a million chance of a slip
  • Lightweight, flexible, and easy to install solution
  • Fully customisable design: plain or chipped finish, in any colour
  • Delivered in a 2m wide roll

Visit to find out more about what we can offer.

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Safety Flooring for Rail
Altro Transflor Met installed on a Chrysalis Rail commuter train
Altro Flooring
Altro Transflor Tungsten installed in the Emirates Air Line in London
Rail Safety Flooring
Altro Transflor Met installed in the buffet car of a Virgin Pendolino train
Design for rail interiors
Altro Transflor Tungsten in Gust in a light rail application
Rail Safety Flooring
Altro Transflor Met in custom orange & aggregate pattern design on a Grand Central intercity train
Safety Flooring for Rail
Altro Transflor Tungsten installed in the Virgin Ticket Hall at London Euston Station
Design for rail interiors
Interior view of a subway car in China
Rail Safety Flooring
Altro Transflor Met in custom purple & aggregate pattern design on a Grand Central intercity train

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