Stadler/AnsaldoBreda Deliver First Flirt EMUs to FER

Emilia Romagna Railways (FER), the Italian regional rail operator has taken delivery of its first Flirt EMUs from the Stadler and AnsaldoBreda consortium. The delivery on the 8th October is just the first, as 34 trains have been ordered in total by FER and Veneto Territorial Systems (STV) as part of a €200 million joint contract placed in 2010.

STV have ordered 4 six-car and 16 four-car Flirt EMUs and 2 six-car GTW DMUs whilst FER have ordered a total of 12 five-car 3kV dc trains, with each able to accommodate up to 550 passengers. The contract does include options for an additional 22 trains if needed.

National Railway Safety Agency Approve 160km/h EMUs

The National Railway Safety Agency (ANSF) has already approved the 160km/h EMUs which will allow them to operate on the national network without restriction.

The partnership between Stadler and AnsaldoBreda’s is proving successful with Stadler manufacturing the outer cars and bogies, traction equipment and driver’s cabs at its sites in Switzerland and the intermediate vehicle production, final assembly and commissioning taking place in AnsaldoBreda’s Pistoria plant.

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