Germany: Aqseptence Group Rebuild Water Supply & Disposal Systems

Aqseptence Group was engaged to rebuild the largest railway service depot in Germany with its Roediger® water supply and disposal systems.

The oldest and largest railway service depot of Deutsche Bahn AG was put into operation in Hamburg-Eidelstedt in 1991.

At that time, the 8 elevated service tracks had already been equipped with Roediger® supply and disposal systems. As the depot infrastructure needed to be adapted and extended to serve the new generation of ICE 4 trains, the Aqseptence Group was engaged to rebuild and upgrade their wastewater disposal and water supply systems.

The work will be done during ongoing maintenance operations and is scheduled to be completed by mid 2020.

water supply and disposal systems

About Aqseptence Group

With its brand Roediger®, Aqseptence Group is the world market leader with technologies for conveying wastewater and innovative solutions for modern fresh water supply and disposal systems.

Our patented wastewater disposal system is approved and recommended by the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt) and is part of the standard equipment in many high-speed train service depots of German Railway (Deutsche Bahn AG) and other Railway companies.

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