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Floor Coverings for Rail

Forbo has developed a truly comprehensive and compliant flooring product offer for the global rail sector. Whether you are sourcing train floor coverings for high speed, intercity, regional or light rail carriages, or for trams or metro vehicles, we can provide you with an exceptional range of products to meet the necessary requirements. Within our portfolio you will find high performance entrance systems, linoleum flooring, textile carpets and flocked floor coverings, and the widest range of design and colourways on the market, giving you a world of choice. We also supply all the necessary adhesives, accessories and specialist tools your installation team might need. We are very experienced in material scheduling and meeting individual logistical challenges, both for new build and refurbishment programmes. We will work closely with you to understand your exact requirements, in order to achieve the optimum service level. If you are looking for a totally unique flooring solution, your Forbo Account Manager will work directly with our experienced and talented in-house design team to deliver custom floor coverings for rail that are guaranteed to give your train interiors a truly individual look. Working with Forbo means: You can rely on Forbo to deliver an exceptional total flooring solution for your rail project. [gallery ids="13541,13556,13518"]

Sustainable Train Floor Coverings

Marmoleum FR Benefits: [gallery ids="13543,13542,13544"]

Slip Resistant Flooring for Trains

Flotex FR Benefits: [gallery ids="13535,13529,13547"] Flotex Colour Flotex Vision Total design freedom Several of the Flotex Vision designs offer the option to create your own colourway, allowing you to match the floor precisely to your interior design scheme or corporate identity colours. If you have your own vision of what you want on the floor, we also offer a complete bespoke design service on request. Flotex Vision FR is a collection of high definition digital print designs that create superior textures with almost 3D like appearance. As Flotex Vision FR has 70 million fibres per square per metre, it provides a matt high density substrate for printing, enabling vibrant designs and true-to-life visuals to be produced in high level photographic resolution, providing ultimate design flexibility for rail interiors. All colours, tones and hues are achievable with Flotex Vision FR.

Train Interior Carpets

Tessera FR Benefits: [gallery ids="13555,13552,13553"]

Customised Train Carpets

Coral Move FR Benefits: [gallery ids="13528,13527,13524"]

Heavy-Duty Entrance Matting Systems

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