ZÖLLNER: We Design Your Track Safety Solutions

ZÖLLNER: We Design Your Track Safety Solutions

As the leading producer of warning systems for track construction sites, ZÖLLNER has been securing a wide variety of work sites and personnel around the world for over 25 years.

Our industry-leading technology has been used to protect both large teams working on complex track layouts as well as small teams and individual workers undertaking inspections and de-vegetation projects.

The modern radio technology based system MRWS (GB2) gives planners, managers and operatives the ultimate peace of mind that their work site and personal safety is assured, utilising the most current technology backed up by decades of on-track experience.

ZÖLLNER Track Safety solutions

Protection can be provided utilising the well-established and proven hardwired Autoprowa system, the signal-controlled warning system, the temporary level crossing system or a combination thereof. No matter what the challenge is, ZÖLLNER offers a solution for every track construction site.

While the modular make-up of all ZÖLLNER systems allows for maximum flexibility, the SIL-certified warning devices guarantee maximum safety. Equipped with the Autoprowa-Effect, all warning devices continuously measure the surrounding noise and adjust the volume level of the emitted warning signal accordingly. This ensures that ZÖLLNER systems deliver the warning as loudly as necessary and as quietly as possible. The warning signal can clearly be heard over the surrounding construction noise, while ensuring the noise pollution for the environment and any residents is as minimal as possible.

ZÖLLNER Track Safety solutions


In this configuration, the work site is protected by a rail-mounted sensor which can be either permanently or temporarily installed for longer or shorter-term works as required. The work site is then protected by, and warnings are given via the speakers and lights of the ZPW. Train warnings can be cancelled manually by an operative, making the system semi-automatic in nature (SATWS), or a second track detector can be placed past the work site automatically cancelling the warning (ATWS), reducing the need for any human interaction.

Large Work Sites

For larger work sites which may require a larger number of warning devices, multiple ZPWs can be used to provide warning signals along bigger stretches. The cancellation of the warning can either be performed at one ZPW designated as the master controller or via a ZRC control unit. The deployment of a ZRC gives more flexibility in terms of the location of the controller of the system, as this unit can be worn on a harness and operated from anywhere within the work site.

Mobile Work Sites

Where the detection point needs to remain flexible, due to a moving work site for example, the warning can be triggered by an operative using a ZFS-10 as mobile hand switch which connects to a single or multiple ZPWs at the work site.Warnings are activated via two failsafe switches which alert the work site to an approaching train. Both the controller and operatives at the work site have peace of mind that the lookout is protected by an internal tilt and motion sensor in the ZFS-10. This ensures that should the lookout become ill or unwell and is unable to operate their hand switch, a failsafe alert is sent to the work site, protecting the lookout as well as the track workers at the work site.

In the event of a work site having multiple lookouts, the continuous, bi-directional communication between all units ensures that the health, safety and welfare of all operatives is guaranteed.

Machinery Warning

Track renewal, ballast cleaning or any other work sites where high-output machines are deployed can often mean the operatives are working in close proximity to noisy, fast-moving machinery.

The most efficient way to protect the operative is via machinery-mounted warning devices. The ZPW126-10 warning devices are attached directly to the machine with a magnetic frame, alerting the operatives as the machine approaches and passes them.

ZÖLLNER Track Safety solutions

Personal Warning

If the work site is particularly noisy due to the use of chainsaws or other high-volume machinery, ZÖLLNER’s ZVW system gives the operative notice of the warning directly into their hearing protection via a backpack-worn radio receiver. Additional warning is given by visor-mounted LEDs which visually alert the operative of a train warning.

Other ZÖLLNER personal warning devices such as WADSON (Warning Device Snap On) are carried directly on the chest giving the operative an optical and acoustic warning (90 dB (A)). In addition to the train announcement our CLARIS system also offers communication between the saftey staff and the operative.

ZÖLLNER Track Safety solutions

DOWNLOAD: Innovations of the Mobile Radio Warning System

DOWNLOAD: ZCloud – MRWS in the Cloud

ZÖLLNER Track Safety solutions
WATCH: The principle of the mobile radio warning system MRWS


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