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Charcroft Electronics Ltd is a specialist, CECC/BS approved distributor of passive, interconnect, power, magnetics, optoelectronics & electromechanical components. We are also a CECC approved manufacturer of commercial and CECC released passive components. Charcroft is approved to BS9000, IECQCECC and BS EN ISO9001:2015 and has over 40 years of experience as an Approved Supplier.

Rugged Electronic Rail Components

Charcroft’s rugged electronic rail components are used in electronic systems throughout the rail industry, including; Electrification & Traction, Power Conditioning/Hold-Up, Signalling / TPWS, Lighting & Safety Systems, Braking Systems, Door Controls, HVAC, Communication, CCTV, Train PIS, Carriage Lighting, Train Refurbishment, Infotainment, Galley Equipment, At-Seat Power, Wi-Fi and Tunnel monitoring.

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Specialists in Rail Electronics

Rugged electronic components provide only part of the solution for the electronics systems used in new rail industry designs and legacy equipment. That is why Charcroft Electronics offers a team of product specialists who understand the challenges of designing, upgrading or maintaining electronics systems in harsh environments and over an extended lifecycle. [gallery ids="14558,14561,14555"]

Rail-Approved Electronic Components

A strong linecard of products offers rugged components from some of the world’s leading component manufacturers, as well as specialist suppliers. This includes products which are approved to key rail standards such as EN50155, EN50121, EN6100 and EN60695 in addition to BS6853, and a range of NF fire and safety approvals. Customisation simplifies system upgrades For upgrade and MRO projects, customisation of a standard product often enables new components to be installed with little or no re-engineering of the legacy system. www.charcroft.com

Rugged Electronic Rail Components

Charcroft’s rugged electronic rail-approved components offers reliability and long life to the rail industry. POWER SUPPLIES • Standard & custom power supplies • Encapsulated IP67 DC/DC converters • High-voltage converters • Active transient filters • Power supplies for 19" systems EMECH • Pressure sensors • Tilt sensors • Thermostats • Circuit breakers MAGNETICS • Transformers & inductors • Sensors & electro-magnets CAPACITORS • Long-life aluminium electrolytic • High-power, high-voltage film capacitors • Precision mica capacitors • High-voltage MLCC and tantalum for hold-up RESISTORS • Surface-mount to 35W • Tubular wire-wound to 208W • Voltage- & current-sense to 50kV/250A • Specialist power resistors up to 2.5kW [gallery ids="14560,14559,14557"]

Applications Throughout Rail Electronic Systems

Charcroft’s rugged and rail-approved components are used in electronic systems throughout the rail industry:

Customised Rail Electronics

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