Measurement and Inspection Services – Accuracy at First Sight

Higher speeds, heavier loads, higher expectations for travel comfort – the requirements for railway tracks are steadily increasing.

Our measurement and inspection services ensure that you are able to assess and monitor the quality of your railway tracks at any time. For that purpose, we provide safety and efficiency for you.

The right measuring and inspection device for each application: we use modern devices mainly developed by us to manage the geometrical inspection and generate extensive documentation for individual rails or complete railway tracks. These data are uploaded directly to our database solution DARI® so the data can be analysed and accessed globally.

Our Range of Measurement and Inspection Services Includes:

  • Ultrasonic for the detection of rail defects, such as transverse cracks and other internal defects
  • Eddy current for the detection of head checks and squats
  • Track geometry to document the track condition
  • Longitudinal and transverse profile measurements, e.g. for the acceptance of grinding and welding works

The Benefits:

  • Prolonged lifetime of rails
  • Predictive maintenance due to available track history
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • High availability of our large, worldwide pool of equipment and personnel

Ultrasonic Inspection Technology

  • Compliant with EN 16729-1
  • Ultrasonic inspecting is the most important non-destructive test for identifying internal rail defects (e.g. transverse cracks)
  • Inspection is carried out with a hand-pushed trolley, acting as an economical substitute for test trains on short tracks
  • The test report accurately documents rail defects and their position
  • Early recognition of such defects allows rail breaks to be prevented because appropriate actions can be initiated
Goldschmidt Ultrasonic Inspection Technology
Ultrasonic Inspection Technology

Eddy-Current Inspection Technology

  • Compliant with EN 16729-2
  • The eddy-current test is an additional test to the ultrasonic method and is used to find crack-like defects on the rail surface (such as head checks), as well as the length and depth of the damage
  • The inspection is carried out with a hand-held trolley, which checks both rails at the same time
  • Following inspection, a report will be prepared detailing the condition of the rail
  • Premature rail removal as a result of rolling contact fatigue can be avoided as a grinding action can be planned in a timely and predictive manner
Eddy Current Inspection Technology
Eddy-Current Inspection Technology

Track Geometry Measurement Technology

  • Compliant with EN 13848
  • Track geometry measurement includes amongst others gauge, check gauge, cross-level, rail transverse profile, twist as well as horizontal and vertical alignment. Additional infrastructure information, including visual inspection results, can be captured digitally.
  • Measurements are carried out using hand-pushed trolleys or gauges in different configurations
  • You will receive a report with all the results of the route measurement
  • These results allow for predictive maintenance planning and increased track availability
Track measurement technology
Track Geometry Measurement Technology

Rail Longitudinal and Transverse Profile Measuring Technology

  • Compliant with EN 13231/EN 14730-2
  • The measurement of rail longitudinal profiles detects corrugation and slip waves as well as allowing for the acceptance test of welding and grinding services. By measuring the rail cross profile, the wear is documented.
  • Measurements are carried out with measuring devices such as RAILSTRAIGHT or RAILPROFILE
  • The measurement data allow for timely grinding work to avoid damage to track and vehicle components. In addition, these results serve to control and document the workmanship of joint welds.
Rail measuring technology
Rail Longitudinal and Transverse Profile Measuring Technology

Visionary Ideas Need Powerful Solutions: DARI® by GOLDSCHMIDT

Our database solution DARI® – Data Acquisition for Rail Infrastructure – enables us to make our products smarter, more effective and sustainable. Goldschmidt has therefore taken the next logical step and combines a collection of modern, high-performance stand-alone solutions into a digital network consisting of intelligent products.

This innovative edge, based on the future-oriented technology of DARI®, is the special and unique added Visionary Ideas Need Powerful Solutions: DARI® by GOLDSCHMIDT. value offered by our Goldschmidt products. Experience new dimensions at the track construction site. With DARI® by GOLDSCHMIDT.

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