Autorack Lighting for Effortless Automobile Loading and Unloading!

Revolutionizing Autorack Lighting for Effortless Automobile Loading and Unloading!

Autotrack Railcar Lighting

In an Autorack railcar, perforations allow vehicle exhaust to escape and these small holes provide the only source of light which come from the yard lights. These external yard lights often fall short in brightness and can be obstructed during loading and unloading, creating challenges for workers.

The introduction of a modular LED light system by INPS for Autorack railcars addresses the challenges posed by dim yard lights. This innovative solution enhances visibility, ensuring workers’ safety during tasks like loading and unloading, especially with the precision required due to the narrow car dimensions.

The avoidance of traditional methods like flashlights minimizes the risk of damage to valuable vehicles. Overall, the cutting-edge lighting system transforms the Autorack railcar experience for load/unload crews.

Autorack lighting showing through the gaps on a railcar
An autorack railcar showing improved lighting inside with our modular LED light system

Challenges such as:

  • Dim yard lights hinder visibility.
  • Workers’ safety is compromised by inadequate lighting.
  • Narrow car dimensions demand precise lighting.
  • Traditional methods like flashlights or leaning out of windows risk damage to valuable vehicles.

The Solution is a cutting-edge lighting system to transform the Autorack railcar experience.

INPS recognized the need for adequate lighting to facilitate the tasks of load/unload crews, with a specific focus on wheel chocking. Their solution was a game-changer:

INPS introduced a modular LED light system, strategically installed throughout the railcar.

On the left is a dark railcar interior. On the right, the railcar interior is well lit from above and below with bright white LED's
Modular LED light system showing improved brightness inside the railcar

Prototypes were implemented to gauge brightness and light levels, ensuring optimal functionality.

The decision was made to position the light source under the car, eliminating obstructions and streamlining vehicle placement.

Pre-production prototypes were installed in five autorack railcars. These railcars were loaded and unloaded at night using LED lights, then transitioned to another railyard. Load/unload crews were polled on the system’s effectiveness, addressing whether it improved their jobs in terms of speed and ease.

The inside of a railcar with bright white strip LED's in the centre of the floor
Improved visibility and worker safety for automobile loading

INPS’ Autorack Lighting solution, designed to enhance efficiency and safety, is positioned to benefit freight railroads throughout North America. With the capability to serve over 70 automobile manufacturing plants across the region, INPS is poised to elevate the loading operations of railcars, providing a valuable solution for improved visibility and worker safety.

A railcar is pictured at a railyard. A bright white light illuminates the inside of the railcar to show 2 levels for car storage
Autotrack lighting solution designed by INPS
Jason Jacyno, General Manager, INPS US said:

“Bid farewell to the old ways of loading and unloading automobiles in the dark. Embrace the future of railcar lighting with INPS Rail Solutions.”

This article was written by INPS Group.

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