Alstom to Supply 31 Regional Trains to Lombardy Region

Alstom and FERROVIENORD have signed a framework agreement for up to 61 EMUs as well as the first contract for 31 regional trains under that agreement. This first contract, which is for Coradia Stream trains for the Lombardy Region, is worth 194 million euros. Alstom will begin delivery of the trains in 2022.

The framework agreement also states that FERROVIENORD may purchase up to 30 additional trains within an eight-year period. Furthermore, it contains options for preventive and corrective maintenance. The two parties signed this agreement after FNM Group selected Alstom as the successful bidder to the tender it put out in 2017. The Lombardy Region gave its approval for the purchase of 176 new trains, earmarking 1.6 billion euros for improving the rolling stock.

Coradia Stream for Lombardy

Alstom will supply trains from its Coradia Stream range. Branded ‘Donizetti’ after the Italian composer by FERROVIE, these electric trains will come from the fourth generation of this model. They will be single-decker trains with a top speed of 160km/h. The Coradia Stream is already in passenger service in ten other Italian regions and of course meets the relevant Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs).

Michele Viale, Managing Director, Alstom, Italy and Switzerland, said:

“We are pleased to embark on a new journey towards increasingly modern and sustainable local transport with FNM. In the last ten years, Alstom has delivered 44 regional trains in Lombardy. Our trains already move thousands of passengers every day in the region. The new generation of Coradia Stream represents the best solution for meeting the increasing needs of both the region's travellers and the operator.”


Coradia Stream Train Design

The cars are designed for both short and medium-length journeys. For example, there are plenty of seats for passengers on regional and inter-regional journeys. Then there are single seats and vestibules, which are ideal for shorter journeys, such as suburban trips. The seats will all come with power sockets, perfect for charging mobile devices and laptops. Passengers will also be able to access an audio-visual information and entertainment system via 32 LCD screen and make use of the information displays that are integrated with the ground infrastructure. The digital CCTV system will contribute to passenger safety.

The air-conditioning system and the minimal levels of noise and vibration will make passenger journeys more comfortable. The corridors are wide enough to accommodate persons with reduced mobility. All passengers will also enjoy the large windows that maximise the amount of natural light in the carriages.

96 percent of the materials in the Coradia Stream are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Furthermore, the trains will consume almost a third less energy than their predecessor. Other features boosting the trains’ environmental credentials are the air-conditioning system, which takes into consideration the passenger numbers; the doors, which close such as to avoid thermal dispersion; and the LED lighting, which is responsive to external light levels. An additional positive is that no solvents or other toxic chemical substances are used in the trains’ manufacturing process.


Alstom will manufacture the trains in Italy. The project development, and the majority of the manufacturing and certification will take place in Savigliano. The design, and manufacture of the traction systems and other components will take place at Sesto San Giovanni. Lastly, Alstom’s Bologna site will deliver the on-board signalling systems.

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