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High Performance Rubber Material for Long-Life Tracks

For decades, Calenberg Ingenieure has been conducting research in the field of elastomeric materials technology and is a solution provider for elastic component mounts in the fields of construction, industry, the environment and railways.

The product range comprises special elastomer materials for special fields of application in sound and vibration insulation and reduction. Calenberg expertise reduces the risk of building damage thereby reducing maintenance costs, improves the living quality and protects against environmental effects such as traffic noise, vibration and impact sound. All activities of Calenberg Ingenieure are scientifically based and the physical measured values and data of the products are approved by official and independent institutes.

Constant research and development, over 45 years of experience and certified quality management is the reason for choosing Calenberg Ingenieure for successful projects at home and abroad.

Rail traffic causes airborne noise as well as vibrations or structure-borne sound. Residential and commercial locations are normally the sufferers of these emissions.

Calenberg elastomeric bearings are produced from high grade natural and synthetic rubbers. Due to the different variants within the product range, individual solutions for nearly every vibration and noise problem can be offered.

Elastomeric Track Mats and Ballast Mats

Why are there vibrations on the track? Wheels are noncircular, eccentric, unbalanced and have flat areas. The rail track is not perfectly straight and even due to the construction method and due to subsoil conditions. The track which has integrated vibration control offers an effective relief. At this point an elastomeric track mat or under ballast mat can be an important part e.g. of a floating­­ slab track or mass spring system. It also has the big advantage of increasing the durability of the track system, which reduces the maintenance costs of the track as well as of the rolling stock.

The different USM types are manufactured from high-quality rubber compounds. They are mechanically highly resilient and permanently weather-resistant. The mats are also characterized by very low water absorption and high electrical insulation resistance and allow drainage at the mat level.

The USM series is equally suitable for ballasted track and slab track systems.


  • Suitable for all modes of rail traffic
  • Covering a wide range of stiffnesses
  • For highly effective mass-spring-systems and low maintenance ballasted tracks
  • Waterproof and resistant against weathering
  • Good insulation against stray currents

Rail Pads and Baseplate Pads

Micro cellular elastic EPDM rail pads and base plate pads

Both are important resilient parts of rail fastening systems. Rail pads are installed directly under the rail foot to increase the elasticity of the ballast track. This brings about a more comfortable ride and protects the permanent way, from standard gauge railway to tram way as well as in varying dimensions.


  • Stiffness c between 5 and 200 kN/mm depending on the specific area of use
  • Low frequency response between 1 Hz and 30 Hz (dynamic stiffening factor approx. 1.1)
  • Comparatively minor change in spring rate within the operation temperature range (-40 °C and +100 °C)
  • Excellent rebound elasticity (> 60 %)
  • Minimal water absorption
  • Customised manufacture
  • Outstanding resistance to ageing and weathering

The elasticity to slab track systems is brought about by high elastic micro cellular EPDM base plate pads installed between rib plate and concrete slab, reducing vibrations caused by track and wheel unevenness.


Elastic rail pads and base plate pads in local public transport

  • Doha Metro, Qatar
  • The Hague Metro, Netherlands
  • Moscow Metro, Russia
  • Tampere, Finland
  • Germany: Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Hanover, Chemnitz, Mannheim, Dresden, Darmstadt and other locations.
  • Növog, Austria
  • Busan Metro, South Korea

Rail pads and base plate pads in the high-speed sector and on conventional lines

  • Ulsan high-speed link, Pohang, South Korea
  • Stuttgart 21, Germany
  • German Kassel–Würzburg high-speed line, Germany
  • Azerbaijan Railways, Azerbaijan
  • Wonju-Jecheon Project, South Korea

USM® products

  • Subway Cologne Central Station, Germany
  • Gleisdreieck and underground station Karlsruhe, Germany
  • High-speed rail connection, Taiwan
  • Rail tunnel, Switzerland
  • Light Rail Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Railway Karlsruhe-Basel, Germany | Switzerland
  • Railway, BAM Tunnel, Russia
  • Light Rail, MTRC Tseung Kwan O South Station, Hong Kong, China
  • Mainline, Bujeon Line, Korea
  • Urban railway, Oberwil, Switzerland
  • Light Rail, Los Angeles, USA
  • Subway, San Francisco, USA
  • Tram, Basel, Switzerland
  • Railway, Roe Highway Project Sydney, Australia
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Calenberg Ingenieure News

Installation of a Continuous Mass-Spring System at Augsburg Central Station

Installation of a Continuous Mass-Spring System at Augsburg Centr...

A new track system and tunnel structure at DB's Augsburg Central Station will be supported with Calenberg USM 1000 W.

Calenberg Ingenieure at iaf 2022

Calenberg Ingenieure at iaf 2022

At iaf 2022, Calenberg Ingenieure will present elastic mass-spring systems, EPDM intermediate layers and plates, and under ballast mats.

Solutions for Isolating the Permanent Way

Solutions for Isolating the Permanent Way

Calenberg Ingenieure's USM series provides solutions for isolating the permanent way, reducing both vibration and sound in its surroundings.

Elastomeric Bearings for Construction, Industry and Track

Elastomeric Bearings for Construction, Industry and Track

Calenberg Ingenieure provide elastomeric track and ballast mats as well as rail pads and baseplate pads in order to provide noise protection.

Calenberg Ingenieure Images

Calenberg Ingenieure USM1000W

USM® 1000 W

Calenberg Ingenieure USM2020-3000

USM® 2000 and 3000

Calenberg Ingenieure USM4000

USM® 4000

Calenberg Ingenieure USM G

USM® G 1000

Calenberg Ingenieure Rail Pads

Rail Pads

Calenberg Ingenieure Baseplate Pads

Baseplate Pads

The Hague Metro Netherlands

Elastic rail pads and base plate pads in the Hague Metro, Netherlands

Ulsan High-Speed Line Korea

Rail pads and base plate pads in the Ulsan high-speed link, South Korea

High Speed Rail Connection Taiwan

USM® products for high-speed rail connection, Taiwan

Subway Cologne Central Station

USM® products for Subway Cologne central station

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