Siemens Rail Manufacturing Facility Reaches Milestone

United Kingdom: In 2018 Siemens Mobility unveiled its plans for a rail manufacturing facility in Goole, East Yorkshire. The project has now passed a major milestone. Siemens Mobility has submitted its outline planning application.

Siemens plans new rail factory in Goole Interior artist impression

Artist impression of new Siemens rail manufacturing facility in Goole ©

Wil Wilson, Managing Director, Rolling Stock, Siemens Mobility Ltd, said:

“This is a major step forward for our plans. With digitalisation we can help make trains and infrastructure intelligent and reaching this milestone furthers our vision to create a sustainable, long-term and technically advanced facility that is an asset to the UK. It’s the result of positive dialogue with the local authority, statutory bodies and other stakeholders, including community representatives.”

Siemens Rail Manufacturing Facility

The project details are as follows: Siemens Mobility wants to invest 200 million GBP (230 million euros / 259 million USD) to create a facility where it can manufacture and commission modern trains for the United Kingdom. It wishes to develop a site 104 acres in size in Goole 36. The plans involve 80,000 square metres of buildings for manufacturing, commissioning and warehousing as well as stabling sidings. Furthermore, Siemens wishes to build a four-storey 5,000 square metre office building.

Once established, the facility, located near the M62 motorway, will provide employment for 700 individuals. During the construction period it will provide employment for a further 250 workers. Siemens also estimates that the facility will trigger a further 1,700 roles further down the supply chain.

With this application Siemens Mobility is seeking outline consent. It would then develop the site in several stages, with the aim of opening the first phase in 2023. The full project should then be finished by 2025.

Siemens Goole rail manufacturing facility

Infographic: Siemens Goole rail manufacturing facility ©

Siemens Mobility’s Facilities in Goole

Other Siemens teams that will be based in Goole are the rolling stock engineering and commissioning team. Furthermore, Siemens wishes to establish its digital operations centre on the site, which would collect and analyse train data for operators. This centre, Siemens hopes, would consolidate its position as “the leading, most innovative and technologically advanced supplier to the UK rail industry”.

Contract for New London Underground Trains

In November 2018 Siemens Mobility won a 1.5 billion GBP (1.73 billion euros / 1.94 billion USD) contract to supply the new generation of trains for London’s Piccadilly line. These new trains will increase capacity and the passenger experience for millions using the capital’s tube network. This contract confirmed for Siemens Mobility that the Goole site was the right step to take. Siemens then established an office in East Yorkshire where its has begun recruiting employees for the main project roles.

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