Implementation of the RAILSoft System in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A

Comprehensive Implementation of the Railsoft System in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A

Implementation date: 2018-2020

Number of implemented modules: 51


KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. – today a world leader in the extraction and processing of valuable metals. Once – the state-owned Polish Mining and Metallurgical Company. It has been operating since 1949. It deals with the extraction and processing of valuable natural resources. Its heart is the largest deposit of copper ore in Europe, located in south-western Poland. Thanks to the rich experience, openness and constant improvement of competences, the company has built a unique culture of cooperation and has achieved a high position on the international arena.

The implementation of the development strategy systematically strengthens the international position of KGHM. Currently, the company has a geographically diversified portfolio of mining projects. It has production facilities on three continents – in Europe, North and South America. The global resources of copper ore controlled by KGHM -40 million tons – guarantee the company the title of a leader in the mining industry. New metals such as molybdenum, palladium and nickel also appeared in the portfolio, paving the way for KGHM to take a strong position among global multi-commodity companies.

Business situation before implementing the solution:

  • The main transport orders were carried out in part in the SLK system, which was created by Pertrosoft at the request of KGHM, in Excel files and on cards (no unified process from the office level)
  • The occurrence of a large number of delays and errors in documents due to the lack of availability to issue documents and perform actions by the traction team from the ground up
  • Generating additional costs due to the lack of weighing and counting trains of wagons when crossing gates in mines
  • Lack of integration with the SAP system, SKRJ and SEPE caused a double amount of work when adding and verifying data during daily transport and maintenance processes


Petrosoft Technologie Informatyczne sp. z o.o. in cooperation with the IT department of KGHM, it delivered and implemented a system for managing the railway company, siding and workshop.

The work carried out consisted of:

  • Analysis of the SLK software made a few years earlier
  • Analysis of the current business
  • Logistics and IT situation of the company
  • Delivery of a comprehensive solution in accordance with the security policy of KGHM S.A
  • Creating dedicated modules ordered by the client
  • Configuring and adjusting the functionality and appearance of the system to the client’s needs
  • Training of employees in the purchased modules, both in technical and business terms, taking into account the specificity of the processes performer
  • Training the IT department in managing and configuring modules and user permissions

The delivered system supports and improves processes related to:

Resource management:

  • File of transport units
  • File of sidings
  • Vehicle and wagon equipment file
  • Resource efficiency documents
  • Contract management module: hire, rent, service

People management:

  • Employee file
  • Working time schedule
  • Work time sheet
  • Traction team worksheet
  • Employee equipment
  • Documents, licenses and certificates
  • Exams and training
  • Knowledge of trails
  • Taxi transportation

Transport management:

  • Offering (CRM)
  • Contracts with customers
  • Contracts
  • Order planning
  • Manning
  • Railway documents (R7, Waybill internal and external, R25 and R27, H30)

Management of the logistics of rolling stock:

Ordering timetables

Integration with SEPE and SKRJ

Management of the rolling stock maintenance and operation department:

  • Wagon maintenance
  • Maintenance of locomotives
  • Inspection and repair schedule
  • Implementation of inspections and repairs
  • Support for repairs by third-party workshops using a browser

Shunts management:

  • File of sidings
  • Shunts management
  • Siding maintenance
  • File of siding equipment
  • RFID

Security Management (BRK):

  • BRK
  • WAX
  • Knowledge of timetables, instructions and regulations

Risk management (SMS, MMS, RAMS):

  • Manager Reports
  • SMS, MMS indicators

Financial and operational controlling:

  • Operational reports dedicated to the client
  • Alerts and recurring tasks
  • Cost and income reports

Railsoft software has been implemented and currently operates on 4 platforms: office, web browser, mobile and RFID shortages. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the KGHM team, the system has been perfectly prepared for the specificity of business processes and the security policy functioning in the company.


Accelerating and streamlining the process of planning and carrying out transports from the very beginning of receiving an inquiry from the client, an offer, creating an agreement, contract, planning, implementation and settlement of the transport

The combination of simultaneous execution of processes from multiple media facilitated and made the transfer of data more flexible, especially during the pandemic

Implementation and appropriate configuration of internal multi-company. of the system allowed the use of one database by many employees of various companies operating internally. KGHM S.A. Each company sees and manages only a limited amount of resources, which guarantees the security of the transferred data

By building an RFID module and integrating it with other modules, and by properly configuring alerts, the company has a real picture of resources and goods located in a specific area. Each crossing of the gate is registered in terms of checking a specific wagon/locomotive, its weight, the goods it transports and the number of incoming units

Thanks to integration with external systems, employees gain twice as much time

The introduction of automatic recurring tasks and configuration of the reporting process allows for quick and efficient monitoring and responding to data deviations

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