High speed rail link put on hold in Black Forest, Colarado

The Colorado Department of Transportation has decided that a future high-speed rail line along the Front Range will not pass through the Black Forest area.

Vast opposition

Residents in the area, along with the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments, opposed the plans which would see a rail line run through the district. The vast opposition led to the decision made by the department.

Meeting cancelled

A public meeting set to discuss the line has been cancelled. The meeting was scheduled by the El Paso County Public Services Department in coordination with the Black Forest Transportation Committee.

Other possibilities

David Krutsinger, project manager for the feasibility study, indicated that a non-freight rail corridor arrangement could be a possibility for the area.

Krutsinger, stated in a letter to the community, “CDOT will engage Pikes Peak area residents and elected officials in developing and considering ideas for a new alignment.”

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