Solutions for Crew Accommodation – Comfortable, Low Cost, Personalised

Best Solutions for Crew Accommodation – Comfortable, Cost Saving, Personalised

Ideas, Tools and Solutions for Crew Management

Xenia is a global provider with 30 years’ specialisation in crew services management. We support the rail companies with their hotel and transfer needs, planned or last minute, both for staff and customers.

Immediate response is ensured by innovative technology and 24/7 customer support that is available throughout the entire year.
Crew Management
The service includes worldwide hotel scouting, negotiation and drafting of contracts and operational management, resulting in a full client support.

The key points of the services are:

  • worldwide accommodation selection and inspections
  • bespoke directories, with hotel chains and individual properties
  • personalised rates and pricing models
  • benchmark data and expense management dashboard and solutions
  • innovative reporting tools
  • a technology system which can interface any third-party platform
  • prompt and effective responses to any request – from urgent enquiries to long terms contracts – worldwide
  • a great capacity to block large banks of rooms for scheduled crews and individual bookings for crew members, business travel, distressed crews and delayed passengers handling

The Value of Partnership

Rail companies, airlines, airports, operating companies and carriers can all benefit from Xenia’s consolidated experience in the hotel and service accommodation field. The collaboration allows advantages in terms of economies of scale, purchasing expertise, market insight, data collection and market intelligence – on top of which a customer-oriented team ensures the clients always receive the maximum value.

The expertise and the know-how in hôtellerie, as well as the service system based on CRM, allow Xenia to support businesses at maximum levels of personalisation. Bespoke solutions can be provided to every customer – i.e. integrating and managing their information on IT systems in real time.

Xenia’s operating model ensures the full application of the most favourable conditions and a context-sensitive benchmarking analysis which identifies areas of intervention in the economic and qualitative senses.

The Hotel Programme

The Hotel Programme is the outcome of a specific negotiation activity that takes account of the rail company’s expectations in terms of budget, standard, location, services, payment, travel policies, regulations, etc.

The significant expertise in hotel management finds expression in a range of high-value-added high-tech targeted solutions and models:

  • bespoke accommodation directory
  • management of hotel and other supplier deals. All facilities meet specific location, safety, comfort, price, quality, cultural and service requirements in accordance with company policy
  • transfer management
  • review of existing supply
  • daily checks and negotiations to ensure the best rates are applied
  • data benchmarking against existing accommodation supply
  • effective management of booking procedures
  • room inventory for distressed passenger/crew members
  • centralised payment management
  • delivery and management of reports and market intelligence
  • reporting for enquiries coming from the trade union
  • site inspections
  • assurance of compliance of best safety and comfort through “Accommodation Secure Protocol”


Xenia offers suite crew tech solutions which makes it possible to optimise the way a company manages its own inventory, commercial strategy and reporting/analysis.

Hotel Programme

These solutions are high-tech, easy to use and specifically tailored for every customer. The solutions are also preconfigured with all contracted conditions, including corporate travel policies, budget and procurement allowances and other relevant authorizations and negotiated conditions. With:

  • authorised access levels
  • web-based room inventory management and booking system
  • room blocks and hotels conditions specifically preloaded for each company
  • personalised vouchers/booking forms for the hotels
  • access to real-time inventory via a proprietary web portal integrated with the company’s system
  • travellers’ access to bookings via a mobile-enabled website
  • proactive daily room blocks
  • dedicated Account Manager and Hotel Programme Manager
  • emergency response plan development
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service Center
  • rate negotiation
  • hotel contracting
  • full reporting capabilities
  • customised invoicing and reconciliation tool
  • accounting and auditing services

Business Intelligence

Xenia is strongly committed in providing IT infrastructure that is entirely developed in-house for the successful management and organisation of the hotel service including reporting and integration with third parties. The attention reserved to research innovation results in high-value-added products and services of business intelligence.

Such tools include:

  • benchmark and expense management systems
  • rostering analysis to optimise crew management
  • an interface that allows third-parties to be integrated
  • advanced reporting, consumptive/predictive data analysis – for an integrated management of the travel industry’s processes and a thorough monitoring of the sector dynamics
  • HotelRating® – Xenia’s operating model with alphanumeric rating values deriving from continuous inspection activities, as own intervention or in co-sourcing with the corporate clients
  • Georeferencing System® – for searches starting from a point of interest (POI) or a generic address, with the development of a detailed itinerary and the display of partner hotels and the relevant room availability for direct reservation requests
  • Occupancy Way® – a proprietary system for the monitoring of the occupancy level of the hotel programme facilities
  • XeniaCrew – a web tool that can interface with clients’ systems to support and monitor crew accommodation services through customisable functions. The application is able to get any data of interest regarding the stay or the facility, in order to return them to the customer
  • green lodging policies – an environmentally friendly profiling of the hotel facilities, for an additional distinctive character to the hotel programmes

About Us

Xenia S.p.A. was founded in 1992 and has always operated in the business travel market. In 2021 it transitioned into a Benefit Corporation. Xenia is a global provider specialised in managing the entire crew accommodation process and the layover and AOG services as a support to the airlines, railways, shipping lines and cargo company.

Xenia is acknowledged for its expertise, its flexible and creative approach, the continuous investments in research and innovation – all leading to the highest level quality standards and to offer integrated and cutting-edge solutions.

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