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GEOWEB® Geocells

Originally invented in the late 1970’s by Presto Geosystems, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, the GEOWEB® 3D Cellular Confinement System (Geocells) was developed for support of heavy military vehicles over weak subgrade soils. Four decades and thousands of successful installations later, GEOWEB® Geocells have stood the test of time and have evolved to become a trusted geosynthetic solution for a variety infrastructure-related applications, including those of the railway and port industries.

Presto’s GEOWEB® Geocells have been successfully deployed in the railroad industry worldwide to assist with ballast reinforcement, intermodal/port stabilisation, subgrade improvement, and erosion control. Whether for new construction or repair work, the GEOWEB® Soil Stabilisation System is a trusted, versatile solution to solve soil stabilisation problems challenging the railroad industry.

Railway Research and Testing

A test program to evaluate the performance of GEOWEB®-reinforced ballast placed over weak subgrade material was performed at the University of Kansas. The study included the use of SmartRock™ sensors to measure individual ballast particle movements in response to cyclical loading conditions. For the data analysis, Oregon State University performed three-dimensional dynamic Finite Element modelling to analyze the reinforcing benefit of GEOWEB® in railway applications.

The results indicated GEOWEB® confinement significantly reduces the individual ballast particle movement both vertically and laterally, effectively limiting ballast particle movement under heavy freight loadings over very soft sub grades. The net benefit is a reduction ballast attrition, leading to an overall reduction in tamping and maintenance costs. The results further indicated GEOWEB® Geocells was effective in reducing the pressure on the sub grade by over 50%, thereby limiting the rate and magnitude of ballast settlement under the applied loading conditions.

Railway Track Ballast Reinforcement

By creating a more stable and stiffer layer under track, the GEOWEB® 3D Soil Stabilisation System is a proven solution for ballast stability problems, as well as high stress areas such as bridge approaches, crossings and turnouts. The result is a more durable ballast subgrade that extends railway life by limiting long-term settlement and consolidation. The 3D system delivers performance and constructability benefits not provided by 2D planar geogrids or hot mix asphalt (HMA)—especially in soft subgrades. The GEOWEB® System is designed for quick installation, thereby minimizing track downtime for repairs.

Field-testing and research have demonstrated the benefits of the GEOWEB® System in reducing settlement and track displacement of the ballast layer under heavy freight loading conditions over very soft subgrades. Test data collected using SmartRock™ sensors also revealed a significant reduction in ballast abrasion, as well as movement and rotation, resulting in extended ballast life and an overall reduction in tamping and maintenance.

Intermodal Facilities and Ports

Heavy vehicle and cyclical loads at intermodal facilities and ports can cause ruts, potholes, pavement degradation and ultimately pavement failure. The GEOWEB® Load Support System is a proven, cost effective solution for challenging soft sub grade problems.  The GEOWEB® System has been successfully installed under similar conditions receiving heavy, cyclical loadings for nearly 40 years with lasting success.

For unpaved surfaces, the GEOWEB® System solves surface stability problems with less aggregate and less maintenance. In many cases, the GEOWEB® System allows for beneficial reuse of lower quality soil or aggregate that may be available onsite, thereby reducing or eliminating the need to import expensive borrow material from an offsite source.

For paved surfaces, the GEOWEB® System reduces deflection and settlement that causes rutting, potholes and pavement degradation, thereby extending pavement life and decreasing future maintenance costs. The GEOWEB® System can also reduce the required base layer thickness by up to 50%, while still maintaining stability and resisting settlement. Whether for permeable unpaved surfaces, or for base stabilisation under hard pavements, the GEOWEB® 3D System provides benefits not delivered by 2D geogrid systems.

Railway Right-of-Way Erosion Control

The GEOWEB® Slope and Channel Protection Systems are an effective and economical solution for challenging slope-surface stability problems. The 3D cellular structure provides lateral confinement of the infill material, thereby minimizing movement and migration. Slope erosion control, slides and washouts can be prevented with the GEOWEB® System for right-of-way embankments, channels, and earthen berms. Depending upon project-specific needs and conditions, the flexible system can accommodate various types of infill—ranging from topsoil and vegetation for soft erosion control, to crushed aggregate or concrete for hard-armour protection. The system creates an economical and permanent protective cover, preventing sloughing and movement of embankment and channel surfaces.

Quick Response Emergency Repair Kit

Be prepared to provide emergency repair for track and right-of-way embankments, bridges and channels quickly and economically with the GEOWEB® System. GEOWEB® Geocells are ideal for quick response to emergency repairs with one solution. The GEOWEB® System is lightweight and easily to transport and install. Keep the GEOWEB® material readily available for fast deployment.

Technical Support

Presto’s team of professional engineers is committed to offer the highest level of support and resources in the industry. We provide free design evaluations specific to your project including calculations, drawings and specifications. Take advantage of our four decades of geocell technology experience and let us perform a free evaluation for your project. Our recommendations will deliver a structurally sound, cost-effective solution based on accredited research and testing data.

Let us work with you to solve your yard stabilisation and soil stabilisation problems.

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PrestoGeo GEOWEB Track Ballast Reinforcement

GEOWEB® Track Ballast Reinforcement

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PrestoGeo GEOWEB Track Ballast Reinforcement

GEOWEB® Track Ballast Reinforcement

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Infilling GEOWEB® System for Ballast Stabilization

PrestoGeo Infilling GEOWEB System for Ballast Stabilization

Infilling GEOWEB® System for Ballast Stabilization

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Pavements at Bulk Material Handling Yards

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Port Stabilization

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GEOWEB® Hard-Armor Channel Stabilization

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GEOWEB® Aggregate Pavements for Heavy Loading

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