50 Years of Expertise in High Performance UPS Solutions

Our customers tell us that we are their best asset when it comes to protecting critical infrastructure and ensuring power availability with our high performance UPS solutions.

The reason? Because you’re our inspiration.

For more than 50 years, we have partnered with you to continuously evolve our products and services. Including modular UPS and scalable solutions, Socomec’s high performance UPS ensure the power protection of critical applications.

Designed with your current and future needs in mind, Socomec’s pioneering technologies guarantee the best possible reliability and highest levels of UPS availability for your electrical power supply.

High Performance UPS Solutions
Masterys GP4 Range

The New Power Order

Critical equipment within Data Centres and other demanding applications requires high quality energy which – in turn – is dependent upon a faultless and continuous power supply. Every organisation is concerned with the protection of people and assets – whilst also ensuring that operational and business continuity is achieved – but planning and commissioning UPS infrastructure to support those objectives can challenge even the most experienced professionals.

The team at Socomec have now made it easier than ever to plan and commission a new system.

Colin Dean, Managing Director, Socomec UK explains;

Our customers are our benchmark when it comes to evolving our products, solutions and services. Our approach is simple – we’ve done the planning so that you don’t have to. We have made it simple to choose the right product for your specific needs – according to the level of criticality of the load you want to protect. Do you want to avoid power failure and keep systems up and running? Our Prime range is perfect for you. Would just 1ms of downtime be catastrophic in terms of business continuity – or even risk lives? Then Ultimate is the level of protection you need. If you’re not sure, we have created our UPS Selector to help you through your decision.

Socomec’s Prime range delivers reliable and cost-effective protection that assures operational continuity. This is on-budget protection for business-critical infrastructure. Efficiency and availability are guaranteed, even in the event of a power outage, hardware failure or other unforeseen disruption, whilst minimising operational costs and making next generation technology accessible to all.

The Superior range delivers unrivalled power performance – best in class and certified – to optimise usage and TCO. These systems ensure the availability of high-quality energy – and system resilience – in mission-critical infrastructure, helping to deliver the performance objectives for the organisation whilst also guaranteeing safety and minimising operational costs. Fit for the future, these systems help to optimise equipment lifespan, maximise operational uptime and deliver a fast return on investment.

For fault tolerant power without compromise, Socomec’s Ultimate range comprises fully redundant architecture for maximum availability, minimum MTTR and risk-free maintenance – safeguarding the availability of high-performance energy – and people and property – in safety-critical infrastructure. Security is guaranteed for the most critical loads and challenging operating environments, providing the ultimate protection for critical assets across an entire estate. Deploying advanced digital functionality, this range comprises the most progressive solutions for electrical infrastructure placed under unprecedented demands – with agility engineered-in.

Reliable Power Performance in Mission Critical Infrastructure

The primary goal of every UPS system is to ensure power availability. To achieve maximum availability, it’s necessary to deliver high reliability (Mean Time Before Failure) and to reduce repair times as far as possible.

By combining know-how, material quality, design margin and excellence throughout the entire production process, it is possible to deliver a result that exceeds the market standards with a MTBF VFI officially certified for over 350,000 hours.

One such system – the latest addition to the Socomec Masterys GP4 range – is a three phase, medium power UPS, 10 – 160kVA/kW, designed in Socomec’s European Centre of Excellence specifically for the needs of small and medium Data Centres and Edge Data Centres. Also ideal for banks, e-medical and medical device applications, telecoms and media infrastructure and transport and control rooms.

Colin Dean continues;

We have developed the latest Masterys GP4 with a tailor-made approach. It’s easy to configure the final solution by choosing from a large catalogue of base options – with over 20 choices of brick and accessory, flexible battery run-times and types and parallel configuration of up to 6 units. The manufacturing plant is organised to remain efficient, whilst managing product personalisation and guaranteeing very short lead times.

Fit for the future, the intelligent design has long life expectancy and officially attested MTBF – whilst also anticipating eco-regulations. With embedded digital technology, this IoT-ready device enables access to connected services and is easily integrated in the LAN/WAN and virtual environment.

The architecture of the new Masterys UPS means that when maintenance is required, it’s fast and simple with front access and rapid repairs 5 times faster than legacy UPS systems.

Socomec has also developed two mobile apps to support engineers in the field – eWIRE uses augmented reality to guide installation and reporting, and SoLive for remote control and anomaly notification.

The Benefits of Li-Ion Battery Technology

Li-Ion batteries deliver significant advantages in UPS applications, thanks to the considerable reduction in weight and floor space for the same runtime, fast recharge times and their long cyclic and calendar lifetime. Moreover, Li-Ion batteries are less sensitive to higher temperatures and require less cooling – therefore reducing associated energy costs.

Fully compatible with the Li-Ion Battery, when connected, the new Masterys includes an interactive control system to check and manage all the Li-Ion cells and system parameters. The UPS interactivity guarantees the most reliable performance and improves the system’s availability by ensuring proper and faster charging of the Li-Ion battery cells, preventing any irreversible overcharge failure, performing automatic corrective actions in case of any critical conditions that can affect battery performance.

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