Protective Measures for Construction Workers on Railways

During Emergency Scenarios, Safety Takes Precedence

The general safety working rules demands the workers to…

  • Only work in teams and wear protective equipment
  • Observe red warning signals and specified safety measures
  • Always work in the direction of travel
  • Pay attention to wire lines and do not climb over buffers or couplings
  • Take special care at internal crossings

safety systems

Safety Space

safety systems
Safety space

To the track-free side: min. 0.5 m

Between two tracks: min. 0.8 m

Height above the standing surface: min. 2 m

Protran Safety Systems

safety systems
Railway safety system ensures a safe railway operation to protect workers from hazardous situations

Protran Safety Systems complement mandatory safety procedures based on human flaggers equipped with flags, whistles or horns to detect oncoming trains or any other type of vehicle and alert workers.

The Levels of Risks Involved with Railway Employees and Unauthorised Personnel Is Extreme

In 2020, the number of fatal accidents was 172% higher for unauthorised persons than for employees. Since the rules of conduct are not observed, safety systems are particularly important here. Our safety system alerts the vehicle operator’s attention and the work site limits through visual and audible alerts.

safety systems
Employees and unauthorised persons killed in railway accidents* by country

To Ensure Employee Welfare, a Safety System Is Vital for Construction and Working Areas

The European Agency mentions that in the year 2020, 75 railway employees were seriously or fatally injured during regular track assignments.

The Protracker system from Protran enables a direct communication between the train operators and the workers. The workers with Protran Personal Alert Device (PAD) are warned with adequate time to minimize the rate of exposure to collision and avoid injuries and fatalities.

safety systems
Number of railway employee fatalities and serious injuries (EU-27) from 2016 to 2020
safety systems
Railway employee fatality rate in the EU-27 in 2020. 5 employees per billion train kilometres


Railway Accidents Can Be Costly and, with People Involved, Fatal

Railway accidents cause network disruption, costly repairs, reputational damage and worker injuries. The Protran Collision Avoidance System prevents these accidents through advanced driver/operator warning systems. With precise vehicle-to-vehicle ranging distances in the harshest conditions including tunnels and curves, the system prevents collision of any On Track Machine / On Track Plant minimizing damages to machines and infrastructure.

safety systems
Estimated costs of railway accidents in the EU-27 in 2020 in EUR million

Protran Safety System Ensures Safeguarding the Workers and Infrastructure at Its Highest Level

  • Reduces cost of repairing machines damaged in collisions
  • Records and stores incident data for investigation
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easy to adapt to different environments and temperatures
  • Every system can work individually and be combined and integrated into a whole new ecosystem of safety solutions
  • All worksite activity data is preserved in vehicle units (CAS)

Safety Systems

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