High-speed trains set for Liverpool

Fresh plans have been drawn-up which will allow trains to run at top-speed the bulk of the way to Liverpool.

Controversial plans quashed

A controversial proposal that was previously agreed planned for HS2 trains to run at conventional speed north of Birmingham. These plans are now set to be dumped in favour of original plans which allow 225mph trains to run towards Liverpool.

Reduced journey time

The new plans reduce journey time from London to Liverpool to just 1hr 28mins, around 20 minutes less than the previous proposal.

Concerns with Manchester link

Concerns raised by Liverpool MP’s have also been addressed, with a reduction in lag compared to the London-Manchester route. Concerns were made that, without high-speed rail towards Liverpool, Manchester would have a significant advantage in terms of investment and jobs.

A source within the Department for Transport commented: “[The new plans] will significantly help Liverpool, because it would get the journey time from London down to around 90 minutes.”

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