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Zephir is a member of the Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway GLOBAL RAILCAR MOVER GROUP, the leading manufacturers of bi-modal railcar shunting equipment and Tier 3 or 4 locomotives internationally. Founded in 1969, our Italy-based company invented the first electric railcar mover in 1991 as a solution for railroad shunting in the handling of industrial materials. Today, as part of Berkshire Hathaway and Marmon Holdings, Inc., Zephir continually sets new standards for railcar movement equipment with innovations in efficiency, reliability, safety, and ease of operation.

Railroad Shunting Locomotives and Industrial Railcar Movers

For 40 years, Zephir has been the European leader in the production of railroad shunting locomotives and industrial railcar movers. We owe our success to having the widest range of models and shunting capacities, each guaranteeing the best world-wide performance.

Today, Zephir models include the LOK, CRAB, and LOKOM Shunting Locomotives with capacities ranging from 30 kN to 280kN in drawbar pull or 600t to 5600 tons in Max Towing capacity in our clean diesel shunters and 15kN to 130kN in our Electric models.

Zephir Shunting Locomotives can be railed on to and removed from the tracks in most work areas quickly and easily. Zephir railroad shunting locomotives are also able to cross the tracks transversally.

Numerous tests carried out by our most qualified customers have shown that it is possible to save more than 50% compared to the total costs of equivalent standard locomotives.

Electric Railcar Movers

Since 1969, Zephir has designed and manufactured industrial railcar movers to safely, efficiently, and economically move railcars in a wide range of applications. Innovating the first battery powered (Electric Range) model in 1991, Zephir offers versatility and reliability along with the latest technology that conforms to the highest industry standards.

The revolutionary CRAB and KUBO ranges are comprised of 7 basic models with electric (battery) power supply. These vehicles are designed for indoor use, offer great versatility, and guarantee extremely low operating costs.

In North America, Zephir vehicles include the CRAB E, LOK E, and MPV E all electric railcar movers.

Zephir offers the largest range of innovative solutions for electric railcar movers for railway material handling, logistics for large in-plant rail operations, and shunting for Transit / Metro that offers distinctive and personalized proposals to promote the efficiency and success for environmentally sensitive customers worldwide. See Applications.

Clean Diesel Shunting Locomotives

The LOK clean diesel Shunting Locomotives range includes 11 models, able to replace traditional locomotives weighing from 10 to 100 tons, able to drive loads weighing 600 to 5600 tons.

The LOKOM is designed for rail use only in replacing small manoeuvring locomotives averaging  40-50 tons. Offering two configurations, the LOKOM  is available with metal wheels that can reach higher top speeds, and the other also has metal wheels that are interchangeable with polyurethane banding that allows greater towing at a lower speed.


Zephir has produced thousands of machines over its nearly 40-year history with many still in operation all over the world, in every possible environment and type of logistic and industrial application.

Specializing in solutions designed to meet the needs of customers with a vast array of national standards and regulations since 1969, Zephir has a unique ability to deliver best-in-class railcar movement equipment solutions that customers count on.

Zephir machines are designed to be customized and include a wide availability of options, such as radio controls, automatic hooks, a data logger, and safety devices.

Zephir has produced more than 2,800 machines, and over 90% are still operating all over the world, in every possible environment and various types of logistical and industrial application.

Thanks to its many years of experience, Zephir specializes in solutions designed in accordance with the needs of customers and with the different national standards and regulations. Zephir designs and manufactures its products in two separate workshops located in Modena, Italy, and boasts the support of the best suppliers of components.

All vehicles are manufactured in accordance with the latest European regulations.

The Zephir Commitment

Moving railcars is critical to your business’s productivity, so the reliability of your railcar spotting vehicles cannot be second-rate. Zephir partners with leading service companies in North America to ensure our customers receive the best parts and service in the industry. Many of these are Trackmobile distributors, who stock critical replacement parts locally and dispatch factory trained service technicians from locations near you.

These factory trained service technicians can also perform any recommended preventative maintenance to help ensure your new Zephir product has years of reliable operation and limited downtime.


  • ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001/ UNI EN ISO 14001:2004
  • EN 15085-2


Zephir was founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of industrial tractors that found, and still find, applications in various plants, from steel mills to intermodal terminals and airports.

In 1977, Zephir introduced its first “Locotractor”, a shunting vehicle with road to rail towing vehicle capable of getting on and off the tracks, which brings significant operational benefits and considerable savings.

Numerous improvements have been made since the creation of the vehicle, and today the LOK range includes 11 models suitable for operating in different areas, such as connected industrial plants, logistics centers, inland and marine ports, metro locations and railway plants.

In 1991, two new ranges were born: CRAB (a road-rail vehicle capable of getting off and on the tracks) and KUBO  (a rail-only vehicle), both of which are innovative machines equipped with an electric motor, perfect to be used even in closed areas like tunnels, metros, and railway workshops.

The focus on market development and new customer demands have led Zephir to produce two new ranges:  LOKOM, a rail-only vehicle and a symbol of the evolution of the first range, as well as respect for the environment; and LOK E, a road-rail electric vehicle, which guarantees optimal performance in compliance with the latest regulations on air pollution.

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Zephir CRAB Electric Shunting Locomotive

CRAB Electric Shunting Locomotive

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Zephir / Trackmobile Features Chart

Zephir LINE LOK Electric Railcar Movers (2)

LINE LOK Electric Railcar Mover

Zephir LINE LOK Diesel Shunting Locomotive (1)

LINE LOK Clean Diesel Shunting Locomotives

Zephir LINE CRAB Shunting Locomotive

LINE CRAB Shunting Locomotive

Zephir LINE LOK Electric Railcar Movers (1)

LINE LOK Electric Railcar Mover

Zephir LINE LOK Electric Railcar Movers

LINE LOK Electric Railcar Mover

Zephir LINE LOK Diesel Shunting Locomotive (3)

LINE LOK Clean Diesel Shunting Locomotives

Zephir LINE LOK Diesel Shunting Locomotive

LINE LOK Clean Diesel Shunting Locomotives

Zephir LINE CRAB Electric Railcar Movers (3)

LINE CRAB Electric Railcar Mover

Zephir LINE CRAB Electric Railcar Movers (2)

LINE CRAB Electric Railcar Mover

Zephir LINE CRAB Electric Railcar Movers

LINE CRAB Electric Railcar Mover

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