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Electromechanical Components for Rolling Stock

Electromechanical components for rolling stock from Schaltbau are used in the rail industry in which electrical systems have to be connected, contacted and controlled reliably under the harshest of conditions.

Schaltbau Machine Electrics Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schaltbau GmbH based in Munich, who are part of Schaltbau Holding AG, a €500 million plus global supplier to the rail industry.

The Schaltbau Group is a supplier to many product segments within the rail industry including traction and braking controls, door systems, shunting yard controls systems, level crossing gates and more.

Our customers base includes: Bombardier – Hitachi – Alstom – CAF – Unipart – Wabtec Faiveley – New York Metro – Knorr Bremse – LU/TfL – Mitsubishi. We also have major contracts in the Middle East – Japan – Korea – Australia – Russia – USA etc.

The Schaltbau GmbH product portfolio and group companies include the following:

Snap Action Switches for Rail Vehicles

Snap action switches for rail vehicles are found in drivers desk controls, transmissions, coupler controls and anywhere where safety critical switching is required, not to mention virtually every train door system (the green switch).

Master Controllers for Rail Vehicles

SME Master controllers for rail Vehicles – manufactured in Germany and now in our centre of excellence in Italy Schaltbau SPII who also manufacture the complete drivers desk and dead mans foot rest.

Contactors for Rail Applications

With our patented concept by which the arc is driven into the arc chute and extinguished within a few milliseconds Schaltbau contactors for rail applications offer real equipment safety. Capable of handling currents up to 3kv these are used in the control panel assemblies, switchgear, traction power, heating and HVAC systems, and PMM motors. With the CT contactor range, our developers reinvented the extinction of the electric arc enables us to switch both unidirectional and bidirectional direct current and alternating current with one single device. The traction contactor connects dc and alternating currents of all UIC voltages – without a critical current range.

Rugged Connectors for Railway Engineering

Rugged Connectors for railway engineering must ensure reliable transmission of energy and signals – coping with high voltages, harsh environments and the rough conditions of rail traffic. Connectors from Schaltbau are especially designed to meet these requirements: we can offer an extensive range of proven connectors from connectors that comply with the requirements of UIC 558 VE. used for the: remote control of lights, remote control of doors, public address systems in passenger coaches and multiple units, transmission of binary data; UIC IT series for state-of-the-art ethernet solutions to UIC541-5 VE electro pneumatic braking systems used by train manufactures globally.

Electrics for Rolling Stock

Battery isolators, changeover units, voltage selectors, fusible over-temperature protection and tripping devices, disconnecting and earthing device, key-lock switches and high voltage control gear compliment the huge range of electrics for rolling stock Schaltbau can offer.

specific information for for rolling stock can be found at at www.schaltbau-me rail electrics

Customer Specific Contactors for Rail

SME has a modern manufacturing facility in Cwmbran, South Wales, where we manufacture an extensive range of DC contactors for a number of industries including rail, these contactors cover the 6v to 96v range. We have a standard product range of some 2000 part numbers and in addition, we manufacture to customer specific specifications in low and high volumes.

We also assemble a wide range of Cam contactors for the Schaltbau Group and are the global manufacturing and repair facility for the Schaltbau Group.

Additional capability includes harnessing assembly for a wide range of industries including automotive and agriculture as well as rail. Again we make to customer specification and can supply product assemblies to your specification.

A Reliable Partner for Your Project Requirements

Stock holding: we carry an extensive range of products at our Cwmbran manufacturing and distribution facility to ensure a high availability to satisfy customer demand. Weekly deliveries from our parent company in Germany ensures that we maintain this high availability.

Technical support: this is available from Cwmbran where we have comprehensive R&D and test facilities to support our UK customers. In addition, we also have the ability to support customers on-site. Additional technical support is also available from our parent company in Germany and our centre of excellence for master controllers / drivers desks etc. in Italy.

Dealing With the Experts

With 20 years experience in the rail industry and a first hand in-depth knowledge of the vehicle refurbishment market having previously held senior roles with Pullman Rail, UK Rail Sales Manager, Martyn Delahay comments:

Today more than ever, efficiency, operating reliability and flexibility are the key requirements of every component used in rail traffic. Schaltbau Electrics for rolling stock fully meet these requirements of OEMs and railway operators.

The Complete Service

Today – tomorrow: Schaltbau Machine Electrics are looking after your product and project requirements, be it repair or refurbishment or new vehicle build. We have the expertise and products to support you.

By dealing with the manufacturer you can have complete confidence that you are dealing with the experts who know the product and your application.

We know what is fitted today and can resolve – repair – replace any product or application issues you may have.

For tomorrow, Schaltbau are involved with the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers to produce products and new technology to meet the ever changing demands and expectations of our industry.

We give the complete service.

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