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Perrone Railway Performance Leathers and Textiles

Manufacturing and distributing leather since 1983, Perrone Railway offers a broad range of upholstery options to meet the needs of all rail applications from metro to commuter to high-speed rail. We recognize the stringent regulatory requirements placed on our customers and maintain a rigorous certification process to ensure the highest quality and consistency in our products and services. Our railway product line meets or exceeds the highest standards for the railway industry for performance and durability including EN-45545 HL/2, HL/3, BS 6853, DIN-5570, NFPA 130, and ASTM E662.

As a leader in innovation, we are committed to constantly improving color consistency and long-term maintenance of our products and will continue to develop new offerings to meet the evolving demands of the growing market. With our manufacturing headquarters in the United States, Perrone Railway also maintains representation in Europe and Asia to effectively and efficiently support our global customer base.

Lightweight, Durable Synthetics

Perrone Railway offers two synthetic upholstery options to meet the needs of any project.

EnduraLite™ is Perrone Railway’s premium synthetic offering. Featuring the look and feel of genuine leather with the added advantage of being 60% lighter than traditional leather, along with its industry leading durability and ease of maintenance. EnduraLite’s aramid backing cloth was specifically chosen for its intrinsic fire-retardant properties, removing the need for additional FR treatment which has been shown to contribute to corrosion.

EcoLite is Perrone Railway’s lighter weight solution for price sensitive applications. Lighter than EnduraLite, EcoLite boasts the same industry leading qualities for durability and performance.

Benefits of Perrone Synthetics:

  • Graffiti Resistance: Both EnduraLite and EcoLite are inherently graffiti resistant with the ability to remove ink after 5+ years. The closed cell urethane surface structure makes even the most stubborn stains nearly impenetrable and provides year of virtually maintenance free life.
  • Long Term Durability: Perrone Synthetics lead in industry testing for wear and durability, showing no signs of appearance change or delamination over time compared to competitive products.
  • Disinfectability: Inherently antimicrobial, both EcoLite and EnduraLite impede the growth of harmful microorganisms. Additionally, common disinfectant, 70% Isopropyl Alcohol solution, is approved for use with no signs of visible surface damage.
  • Customizable: Available in limitless colors and a variety of grains, Perrone Railway Synthetics allow for complete customization.
  • Non-Corrosive: EnduraLite and EcoLite show no signs of corrosion when tested against competitive products.
  • Eco-friendly: Both synthetic offerings are easily maintained with soap and water, reducing the use of harsh, environmentally damaging dry-cleaning chemicals. Rail seats fitted with EnduraLite or EcoLite can be cleaned without removal, eliminating the need for transportation to and from a cleaning facility, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. Ink is easily removed, lessening the frequency of replacement parts and quantity of parts sent to landfills.
  • Compliant: Perrone Railway Synthetics meet or exceed all requirements for certification including EN-45545 HL/2, HL/3, BS 6853, DIN-5570, NFPA 130, and ASTM E662.

Genuine Leather

Perrone Railway’s genuine leather products include three premium, high performance leathers. These products are engineered for unsurpassed durability, comfort, and service life while saving weight and increasing revenue opportunities.

Skyline Genuine Leather is aniline dyed. This style of lightly textured-enhanced grain is designed for added durability while filling the need for a more price sensitive application. A supple hand adds to the enrichment associated with high quality leather.

Featherweight Genuine Leather is one of the first products of its kind to be brought to the transportation market. It is 25% to 35% lighter than standard upholstery leather, resulting in increased payload and revenue while maintaining the strength and durability needed by rail customers.  Featherweight’s durable topcoat allows for application of common disinfectant – 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Elite Genuine Leather uses the lightest possible finish application, providing superior physical performance and maintaining a soft, supple hand similar to that found on the finest full grain leathers.

Chrome Free Genuine Leather utilizes a “wet-white” tanning process, eliminating the use of chromium during production, and reducing harmful substance accumulation. Utilizing a natural by-product of the food industry, Chrome-free genuine leather offers a comparable eco-friendly alternative to traditionally tanned leather.

Sustainability Efforts

Over the last ten years, we have expanded on our environmental objectives, strategically aligning them with our business development plan. As a globally respected industry leader, we have assumed a long-term vision focused on efficiency, safety, and quality for our customers, society, and the planet while making strides towards increasing accountability for all.

We have made a conscious choice to produce advanced, sustainable products that will significantly reduce our environmental footprint while reducing waste and providing an extraordinary customer experience. We understand that everyone has a different strategy and timeline for reaching their sustainability goals, which is why we offer a variety of products designed to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment.

  • Chrome Free Genuine Leather offers a comparable, eco-friendly alternative to traditionally tanned leather, utilizing a natural by-product of the food industry. As meat production continues, there will be a continuous supply of hides. These products are sustainable, and we continue to work towards producing them in a way that has a minimal effect on the environment.” – Bill Perrone, President
  • Featherweight Genuine Leather addressed the issue of weight management in a way that had not been done before at the time of its creation. It has become the benchmark for lightweight leather, giving airlines the opportunity to easily scale back on fuel consumption and carbon emissions without sacrificing their standards for quality and customer comfort.” – Bart Avery, Former CEO
  • Perrone Railway synthetic offerings, EnduraLite and EcoLite, take weight savings a step further, providing a dramatic weight reduction from traditional leather and other similar products. In addition to the products’ environmental benefits, Perrone Railway synthetics give designers an alternative option for clients looking to maintain many of the customizable properties of genuine leather.” – Marc Cognetti, Vice President Marketing


The Perrone Railway design team offers many solutions to fully customize any project.

  • Custom color matching can be completed within five days in Perrone’s in house color lab
  • Various grains and prints are available for both genuine leather and synthetic products
  • Perforations, hand-tipping, metallic, and pearlized finishes

Embossing and debossing alter the product’s surface to transform a flat and ordinary material into a uniquely contoured, 3-dimensional pattern. Customized logos, branding, and use of foils are possible with these processes. Embossed and debossed products are further processed into finished goods and are quality control inspected.

Custom stitching and embroidery give your design a dynamic, 3-dimensional, and unique look. With the ability to product customized logos, pattern, and branding, custom stitching and embroidery offer full control over the finished product.

Four color printing allows for further customization of seat backs and bottoms, accent areas, headrest panels, and targeted branding.

Cut Parts

Utilizing North America’s first laser guided water jet cutting system, specifically designed for cutting leather. With the worlds most precise cutting technology, we are able to reduce tolerances to within four thousandths of an inch, creating patterns that are more accurate than ever. Customer drive, our price per passenger approach guarantees lowest possible costs.

  • Pay for 100% QC inspected parts only – no scrap or waste
  • Up to 84% reduction in shipping costs
  • Guaranteed security and protection of digital patterns


Railway Innovations Summit: Berlin, Germany
November 9-10, 2021

Innotrans 2022: Berlin, Germany
September 20-23, 2022

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Perrone Railway News

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Perrone Railway Appoints Chief Operating Officer

Perrone Railway is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Fahlbush to the position of Chief Operating Officer.

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Perrone Railway Ecolite


Perrone Railway Elite Genuine Leather

Elite Genuine Leather

Perrone Railway EnduraLite Rail

EnduraLite™ Rail

Perrone Railway Ecolite Stock Colors

Ecolite Stock Colors (Note: These are stock colors only. Custom color matches available by request.)

Perrone Railway Chrome Free Genuine Leather

Chrome Free Genuine Leather

Perrone Railway EnduraLite Rail Stock Colors

EnduraLite™ Rail Stock Colors (Note: These are stock colors only. Custom color matches available by request.)

Perrone Railway Featherweight Genuine Leather

Featherweight Genuine Leather

Perrone Railway Genuine Leather Stock Colors

Genuine Leather Stock Colors (Note: These are stock colors only. Custom color matches available by request.)

Perrone Railway Skyline Genuine Leather

Skyline Genuine Leather

Perrone Railway Printing on Genuine Leather

Printing on Genuine Leather

Perrone Railway Cut Part Kits

Cut Part Kits

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