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MECX Group Company History

Since its inception in 2003 MECX has significantly increased its portfolio of services. A re-brand to MECX Group & a restructure in January 2018 has produced a contracting organisation and technical services provider operating across the infrastructure markets of Great Britain, Ireland and Canada. Our active sectors include:

  1. Rail Engineering – Electrification, Signalling, Track, OLE / DC, P-Way, Signalling & Telecoms, Building & Civil Engineering & Vegetation Management.
  2. Transportation – Light Rail, Underground, Metro, Highways, Airports & Ports
  3. Road / Rail Plant Operations
  4. Vegetation Management Services – Across Rail, Highways, Utilities & FM
  5. Railway Training Courses, Apprenticeships & Possession Planning Services
  6. Facilities Management
  7. Support Services – Labour Supply & Recruitment Services
  8. Utilities – Gas, Electricity, Water & Green Energy sectors

Here we will focus on our work in the rail sector. For all the other sectors we cover, please explore our homepage for more information.

Rail Engineering

MECX Group is an expert in the field of rail engineering, working in Great Britain and Ireland. As such MECX has a Network Rail Principal Contractor’s Licence as well as all the appropriate RISQS codes needed. We work on underground, light rail and tramway assets. We make safety a priority in this safety-critical environment.

MECX Group work on three types of railway assets:

  • Electrification
  • Signalling
  • Track

In addition, MECX provide general civil engineering services, including bridge construction & repairs.

Electrification & Traction Control

MECX are an electrification expert, for both mainline and light rail assets. MECX are well versed with overhead line equipment and rail conductor systems. The company further offers expertise in high-voltage AC and DC traction power systems.

MECX offer a full design and build along with independent design check and bonding design and installation. We also offer heights and stagger survey analysis and adjustments as well as installation, testing and commissioning.

Example Project: Manchester Metrolink Isolation

In 2017 MECX removed a temporary Sectional Insulator (SI) on a key part of Manchester’s Metrolink System for TfGM. This equipment was situated in a critical location. Despite MECX’s short possession time, the work was completed early. We were commended by TfGM.

Signalling & Telecoms

MECX provide signal construction, installation, testing and maintenance works and services for the mainline railway network. Our team are expert at working on mechanical and multiple aspect signalling systems as well as in-cab systems like the European Train Control System (ETCS). We work with principal contractors to help deliver projects.

Example Project: Signalling for Haigh Rail, Birmingham

In April 2017 MECX delivered a signalling job for Haigh Rail Ltd. As part of extensive upgrades in the West Midlands the entire Bromsgrove corridor was being re-signalled. Haigh Rail was commissioned to perform a wider set of works, but since it could not handle some of the aspects in house it contracted MECX’s signalling team to provide any specialist technical services necessary.

Track Renewal and Maintenance Services

At MECX we provide track renewal and maintenance services. We carry out plain line track, switches and crossings, track drainage and at-grade crossing works, from design to delivery. We further offer re-sleepering/re-timbering, re-railing, component overhaul, tolerance and adjustment/correction, ballasting and management of operating mechanisms and switches.

Example Project: Isle of Man Winter Rail Programme

MECX along with SCUK Global Services Ltd were commissioned to deliver a major track upgrade contract for the Isle of Man Winter Rail Programme in 2017. The work was performed for the Isle of Man Steam Railway and the Manx Electric Railway. In both cases the contract involved track renewal and upgrades, including thermic welding, and installing pedestrian tarmac walkways, ballast retention boards, lateral resistance end plates and DC bonds.

Civil Engineering Services

As part of the general civil engineering services that we provide, MECX are able to deliver rail engineering services and have successfully managed numerous projects for Network Rail.

Example Project: Water Mains Replacement, Network Rail’s Canton Depot, Cardiff

Network Rail is responsible for 20,000 miles of track as well as 40,000 bridges, tunnels, viaducts, signals, level crossings and stations. During this project for Network Rail MECX were tasked with renewing the pipework serving the existing domestic water supplies at the Canton Depot.

Rail Asset Management

MECX don’t just help clients build up their networks, we also help them maintain the assets they already have. We make sure we fully understand our clients’ needs and we are able to provide well-developed minor works and service solutions to help maintain the integrity of assets.

We also provide a comprehensive range of Vegetation Management, Facilities Management and Maintenance Services.

Road/Rail Plant Operations

The company have recently purchased a range of RRV (road, rail vehicle) plant together with 4 x Genie Z60 MEWPS. Our new RRV plant means that MECX is now able to supply on-track plant, planning, delivery and site management for a wide range of rail projects. From overhead line electrification to permanent way maintenance.

Rail Training

In order to extend their recruitment, planning & training services MECX recently purchased a 50% stake in PPS Rail. The merger has enabled us to provide on a national basis numerous training courses which include areas such as:

  • COSS – Controller of Site Safety
  • COSS – Conductor Rail Permit
  • COSS – Overhead Line Permit
  • Engineering Supervisor (ES)
  • Lookout Site Warden (LKT)
  • Individual Working Along (IWA)
  • OLE Construction Level 1
  • Protection Controller
  • Person in Charge of Possession
  • Personal Track Safety DCCR (PTS DCCR)
  • Senior Person In Charge Of Possession (SPICOP)
  • Safe Work Leader One (SWL1 & SWL2)

We are accredited by the National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR) & are members of the Association of Rail Training Providers. Courses are delivered in purpose-built training centres across the UK.


At MECX we are committed to fully utilising our Apprenticeships & Training Programmes in order to provide our workforce with lots of personal growth and development opportunities. The Apprenticeship Schemes that we run cover areas such as Track, Off Track, Overhead Lines, Signalling and Telecoms.

Rail Possession, Isolation & Planning Services

We are able to provide planning services to ensure that clients are able to deliver their engineering works free from hassle and delays. We can also take responsibility for negotiations with train operating companies and other stakeholders.

Our fully integrated planning service includes experienced possession planners, safe work leaders, haulage, isolation, ALO and the production of the new Safe Work Pack. We can supply professional staff to act in a senior manager role or service, including Manager responsible for RIPS and Responsible Manager.

Support Services – Labour Supply & Recruitment

MECX is a specialist rail recruitment agency. As such we supply our customers with qualified professional staff, all equipped with appropriate industry-standard accreditations to enable them to deliver any rail maintenance or engineering projects. Whether you are looking for Project Directors, Project Managers, Commercial Managers, Designers, Site Supervisors, Signalling Specialists or even Civil Engineers MECX can help.

MECX Group’s Additional Services

MECX Group delivers expertise beyond the rail sector as well. In the transportation sector we cover roads, ports and airports. Please see our website’s Transportation page for more details.

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MECX working on London Underground

MECX Thermic Welding

Thermic Welding

MECX Manchester Metrolink Isolation

Manchester Metrolink Isolation

MECX Track Renewal and Maintenance Services

South Cape Pedestrian Path Relay

MECX Civil Engineering Services 2

Carmarthen Water Tank Demolition

MECX Vegetation Management Solutions

Vegetation Management

MECX Port Maintenance

Port Maintenance

MECX Civil Engineering Services

Carmarthen Water Tank Demolition

MECX Civil Engineering Services 3

Carmarthen Water Tank Demolition

MECX Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

MECX Rail Signalling Project

Rail Signalling Project

MECX Track Renewal and Maintenance Services 2

Santon Tracked Dumper Transporting Ballast

MECX Electrification and Traction Control 2

Manchester Metrolink Isolation

MECX Electrification & Traction Control

Manchester Metrolink Isolation

MECX Laying Ballast with Tracked Dumper

Laying Ballast with Tracked Dumper

MECX Cable Route Works

Cable Route Works

MECX Rail Training

Rail Training

MECX Rail Training 2

Rail Training

MECX Safety Helmet with Emergency Details

Safety Helmet with Emergency Details

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