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Lightweight Structural PET Foam Cores for Railway Sandwich Application

Armacell is the pioneer in the field of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) technology and was the first manufacturer to succeed in qualifying PET foam as core material for the composite industry. Today’s train operators and manufacturers are challenged by the need for even lighter, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly trains without compromising safety and durability.

PET Foam Cores for Train Sandwich Construction

With ArmaFORM® PET, Armacell offer the railway industry a polyethylene terephthalate (PET)-based structural foam core combining high strength to low weight, excellent fatigue and durability, superior temperature stability and excellent compatibility with all common resins and manufacturing methods.

Lightweight, Fire Resistant Composite Panels

Beyond the mechanical properties of sandwich structures used in railway applications, the fire smoke and toxicity (FST) performance is a top priority in public transport, even more when trains operate in underground or in tunnels. With the introduction of the new European standard EN 45545-2, the requirements for FST performance in core material have become even more demanding.

One of the big advantages of ArmaFORM® PET core is the very low smoke and toxicity level achieved when subjected to fire. Armacell offers two grades, the non-self-extinguishing standard grade PET GR and the fire-retarded grade PET FR. Experience in the industry has shown that fire-retarded core material grades are not necessarily needed for trains classified under EN 45545-2. The core material contributes mostly to the smoke and toxicity levels, slightly to heat release but almost not at all to flame spread, while the skins handle the flame response. Official testing has shown that ArmaFORM® PET cored sandwich structures, in combination with appropriate laminates, achieve the highest classification, HL3 – which qualifies the material for use in all types of trains including metro, sleeper and couchette cars.

The Green PET Core for Your Railway Sandwich Structure!

With the market introduction of ArmaFORM® PET, Armacell paved the way for PET foam cores in the composite industry. But their research did not stop there; as a technology leader, Armacell further developed and successfully introduced PET foam cores 100% made from post-consumer PET materials, more precisely from recycled beverage bottles. Whereas the standard PET foams available in the composite industry use virgin PET resin as raw material base, ArmaFORM® PET is 100% manufactured from recycled PET. Thus, Armacell is able to provide PET foam cores with the same consistent, reliable qualities but with significantly improved environmental performance. With ArmaFORM® PET Armacell offer the railway industry a real green alternative to standard PET foams and other foam core materials currently used in railway sandwich applications.

PET Foam Boards for Structural Train Application

ArmaFORM® PET structural foam boards are offered in densities from 65 to 250 kg/m³ and thicknesses from 5 to 150 mm. The ideal combination of superior FST properties, mechanical properties, cost-effectiveness and environmental sensitivity make ArmaFORM® PET the material of choice for railway sandwich applications such as component floor panels, nose cones, interior ceiling and partition walls, doors and much more.

Light weight for:

  • Improved energy efficiency in operation
  • Increased freight & passenger revenues

Overall cost reduction through:

  • Superior FST properties
  • Excellent insulation properties for efficient heating / cooling systems

Safety & comfort through:

  • Reduced operational costs over its life span
  • Reduced installation costs and time

Sustainability through:

  • Less CO2 emissions in operation
  • Less energy / fuel consumption in operation
  • Full recyclability at the end of train’s life cycle

Armacell Benelux

Armacell Benelux S.A. is a division of Armacell International, which in 2015 had some 2,600 employees and 23 manufacturing plants in 16 countries on 4 continents. In 2015, the company generated total net sales of 540.2 million euros.

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Structural PET foam core


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