Stadtwerke Münster Introduces Electric Bus Fleet Capable Of 500 kW Charging

Stadtwerke Münster in Münster, Germany has a fleet of five all-electric buses from VDL bought through two separate projects. The firm Pintsch Bamag developed the electronics for the power system. The Citea for the SEB project is fitted with a Hoppecke battery.

Environmental topics seem\ to be very important to Stadtwerke Münster, as earlier the company installed a solar on the depot.

As always, it’ll be interesting to see how the buses perform for the full shift or two in terms of range.

We don’t know the range, but there is no need for long range when buses can be fast charged from 500 kW chargers at the two end points of the line. VDL implemented a unique charging system with a robotic arm that automatically connects to the bus charging inlet.

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