Keyline Supports Contractors Fixing Rail Storm Damage

Contractors have been struggling to keep up with the amount of damage recent storms have cause, Keyline is providing support to all those repairing damages.

Keyline provided 750 gabion baskets and almost 3,000 tonnes of track ballast to repair the landslip damage on the line between Petersfield and Haslemere. The contractors installed over 42 meters of retaining wall to repair the embankment in three places due to the damage caused by heavy rain.

Richard Wade, Rail Sector Manager at Keyline, said: “The weather in the south was particularly bad with high winds and flooding which inevitably created problems for the railways. The contractors worked tirelessly around the clock and we were glad to be able to support them.”

Paul McCulloch, Group Supply Chain Manager at Osborne, said “When our client approached us we immediately knew that we could rely on Keyline to help us make our customer successful. We were able to source key materials over Christmas at very short notice to help us complete our works”

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