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Three GLUETEC Products Receive Certificate for the Highest Fire Protection Class

Fire Resistant Adhesives for Rail Vehicles Structural adhesives offer many advantages in rail vehicle construction as well as in maintenance and repair. Due to the wide selection of curing speeds, they are particularly well suited for various modular assembly techniques. Compared to drilling or welding, elastically bonded structures withstand shocks and vibrations much better. In addition, no substrates themselves or their structure are being damaged, e.g. while removing the interior in vehicles and trains: Eliminates the puncture of the chassis for mechanical attachment of floor panels or similar, interior noise and vibration levels are reduced to a minimum, corrosion is avoided.

GLUETEC Adhesives for Rail Vehicles

The test according to DIN EN 45545-2 / R1 and the fulfillment of the fire protection level HAZARD LEVEL HL 3 have now certified three GLUETEC adhesives for rail vehicles with a high hazard class: WELDYX professional, MS Polymer Booster and WELDYX MASTER, the new structural adhesive which will be launched on the trade fair Innotrans in September. Thus, structural adhesives can also contribute to greater comfort and safety in rail traffic.

WELDYX Professional

WELDYX professional is a proven high-performance adhesive designed for structural bonding of metals, composites and plastics, providing strong, flexible and highly durable bonds. In addition to the fire protection approval HAZARD LEVEL HL 3, WELDYX professional has also passed the ISEGA – UNEVEN NOTICE OF CONFIRMATION. That it can be safely used for bonding components made of plastics and metals, which are used in food-related areas application. The components made with the adhesive may be in direct contact with food, as far as the adhesive is concerned and it has cured sufficiently.


WIKO MS POLYMER products can be used universally in industrial and craft vehicle / body construction as well as in the marine sector. Likewise in ventilation, air conditioning and electrical engineering, in apparatus construction and in metal / sheet metal processing as well as in many areas of plastics technology. WIKO MS POLYMER 2K BOOSTER is wet-over-paintable and UV-resistant. The odorless property allows a pleasant work and the low volume shrinkage achieves optimal results in the application. The B component contained in the WIKO MS POLYMER 2K BOOSTER, when mixed, adds the moisture necessary for cross-linking. This guarantees process-reliable and accelerated crosslinking.

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