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DB Cargo UK Launch Pioneering Digital Route Learning Programme

DB Cargo UK is now offering digital route learning for its drivers.

The rail freight operator has filmed rail routes across the country using a specialist camera to create an online route programme that drivers can access via tablet or computer.

Digital Route Learning Programme
© DB Cargo UK

Digital Route Learning Programme

The programme was created in collaboration with Track Access Services Limited (TAS) and runs high quality footage of the route alongside a moving map, whilst advising on other areas including speed and signals.

Rail freight drivers are traditionally provided with a route that they learn in an allotted period of time by physically travelling over it. Using streamed media offers several advantages as it enables drivers to review the route multiple times, and go back or move forward through the footage to review certain sections again.

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Digital learning also reduces the number of trains on the busy UK rail network, as additional journeys do not need to be undertaken for route learning, reducing costs. This also allows faster mobilisation for geographic or seasonal spikes in workload, making the rail industry more competitive with other modes of transport.

Andrew Byrne, Head of Resources at DB Cargo UK, said:

“This has opened up huge potential for us and for the whole rail industry as it provides a more efficient and effective method for route learning and retention of route knowledge.  We have had very positive feedback from our drivers and other industry stakeholders about the programme.

“We have filmed around 40% of the UK rail network, covering a substantial number of routes already. We are continuing our work so that we can roll out digital route learning even further.”

David Reed at Track Access Services Limited, said:

The new web based delivery solution provides unlimited access for a variety of tablets and mobile devices. We are pleased to be working on this joint collaboration with DB Cargo UK, and see great potential for the rail industry using this technology.

Original article © DB Cargo UK.

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