ABB to Power New Railway Line in Africa

ABB has won orders worth around $16 million to supply traction substations and auxiliary power supply for a new rail corridor in Ethiopia. The Awash-Kombolcha-Weldia line is part of a five-year growth and transformation plan being implemented by the Ethiopian Government to provide efficient mobility, facilitate trade and strengthen the economy. The order was booked in the third quarter.

The contract was awarded by Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc., a leading Turkish transportation infrastructure company. The project is scheduled for completion in 2017.

ABB will design and supply engineered equipment packages for five 230/25 kilovolt (kV) traction substations, eight section posts and about 30 auxiliary substations. Key products to be supplied include a range of high and medium-voltage switchgear, traction transformers rated at 25 megavolt-ampere (MVA), power factor correction (PFC) transformers, FSK II+ railway circuit breakers and auxiliary power supply equipment.

The 400-kilometer Awash-Kombolcha-Weldia railway line will connect the northern and eastern traffic corridors of Ethiopia via Kombolcha and Weldia/Hara Gebeya in the north. The line will also connect to the line linking Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, to the port of Djibouti. This will enhance passenger travel and trade, reducing travel time to the port by 50 percent.

“These substations will enable the efficient supply of electricity to power the network’s expansion and ensure reliable operation and performance of this rail network,” said Claudio Facchin, head of ABB’s Power Systems division. “ABB has a wide range of technologies and a strong track record of providing innovative solutions for the rail sector, serving communities all over the world. This order also shows our increased focus on expanding in Africa.”

ABB has a range of power and automation products and solutions for the rail industry and a vast global installed base. Increasing concern for the environment, rapid urbanization, the need to move more people and freight faster, and volatile fuel prices make rail a strategic focus sector for the company.

ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people.

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Railway Power and Automation Technologies

ABB is a world leading independent supplier of innovative and reliable technologies to vehicle manufacturers, railway operators and system integrators. With a comprehensive offering for rolling stock and infrastructure, as well as FACTS, network management solutions and SCADA systems, ABB also provides lifetime service support, including maintenance and retrofit. We help to keep the world moving with new sustainable approaches that enable customers to use energy effectively, creating a low carbon railway industry that operates with maximum efficiency and reliability.
ABB’s onboard traction converters and traction converters in use in Switzerland
ABB plays a major role in rail electrification projects worldwide
ABB robots can transform manufacturing in the railway industry

Railway Power Infrastructure

ABB is able to construct and install complete power supply and control systems for rail networks, offering a wide variety of innovative and reliable products for every aspect of rail infrastructure. A partnership with ABB brings experience, system know-how and state-of-the-art technology in railway power supply. Its customers can draw on a single source to meet their traction power needs and contribute towards improved performance and profitability.

On Board Portfolio for Rolling Stock

A broad portfolio of products, systems and services for rolling stock includes traction transformers, converters, motors and many other components for different types of rail application: freight, high-speed, suburban railways, metros and tramways. ABB works worldwide with leading vehicle manufacturers and transport operators provides innovative solutions that increase performance and energy efficiency in rail transportation while improving passenger comfort.

Lifetime Service for Rolling Stock and Infrastructure

A global network of services for railways provides the possibility to get tailor-made and lifecycle services for rolling stock and infrastructure. ABB’s broad range of services consists of spare parts, maintenance, upgrades and retrofit, on and off customer site. A customized bundle of services is available based on the customer’s operating needs, on demand when needed or in multi-year service level agreements.

Rail Manufacture and Production

ABB’s robots are employed in a broad spectrum of railway applications including surface treatment, finishing and painting; machine tending; materials handling, composites construction for fibre placement; assembly; and quality control and inspection. As a world leader in robot design and production, ABB supports the rail and transportation sectors worldwide.
ABB is helping to upgrade the London Underground power system to support the introduction of new trains
Bombardier’s ALP45DP features ABB traction transformers in North America
ABB supplied modular MV switchboards for Southern Region trains in the UK

ABB Railway Servicing

We have a global network of services for railways, providing the possibility to get tailor made and life cycle services for rolling stock and infrastructure. ABB’s broad range of services consists of spare parts, maintenance, upgrades and retrofit, and we offer these both on and off customer sites. A customised bundle of services is available based on the customer’s operating needs, on demand when needed or in multi-year service level agreements. A typical customer’s installed base may have been built up and developed over a period of 40 years or more, and will reflect the different technological paradigms of that period. ABB has hence developed a service portfolio to help customers face this challenge.

Robot-assisted Manufacture and Production

As a leading supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service, ABB offers a wide range of robots to the railway industry for applications such as: ABB delivers innovative and customized solutions which exactly meet the needs of our customers. For example, our new paint portal for rail car painting offers repeatable paint quality, less overspray and less paint consumption. A strong solutions focus helps our customers improve productivity, quality and worker safety. ABB has installed more than 200,000 worldwide." ["post_title"]=> string(11) "ABB Railway" ["post_excerpt"]=> string(0) "" ["post_status"]=> string(5) "draft" ["comment_status"]=> string(4) "open" ["ping_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["post_password"]=> string(0) "" ["post_name"]=> string(11) "abb-railway" ["to_ping"]=> string(0) "" ["pinged"]=> string(0) "" ["post_modified"]=> string(19) "2019-03-05 14:12:26" ["post_modified_gmt"]=> string(19) "2019-03-05 14:12:26" ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(0) "" ["post_parent"]=> int(0) ["guid"]=> string(57) "" ["menu_order"]=> int(170) ["post_type"]=> string(9) "suppliers" ["post_mime_type"]=> string(0) "" ["comment_count"]=> string(1) "0" ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" }