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Union Pacific to Invest $85 Million in its Illinois Rail Infrastructure

Union Pacific is boosting safety and efficiency with an approximately $85 million infrastructure investment in Illinois this year. Projects funded by Union Pacific benefit Illinois’s overall transportation infrastructure without taxpayer funds.

illinois Rail Infrastructure
Union Pacific Train at a Country Crossing, Illinois © chumlee10 (license)

Illinois Rail Infrastructure

Union Pacific’s investment plan funds a range of initiatives: $70 million to maintain railroad track and $10 million to maintain bridges in the state. Key projects planned this year include:

  • $6 million investment in the rail line between Elburn and Fulton to replace 16 miles of rail.
  • $7 million investment in the rail line between East St. Louis and Chester to replace 59,594 railroad ties and install 27,497 tons of rock ballast.
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Donna Kush, Union Pacific vice president – Public Affairs, Northern Region, said:

“Union Pacific’s targeted investments fund projects that strengthen our railroad tracks, increase safety and minimize delays as trains travel through communities across Illinois”

“Maintaining a healthy railroad is the foundation of our ability to serve customers and communities across the state.”

Union Pacific’s Investment Strategy

This year’s planned $85 million capital expenditure in Illinois is part of an ongoing investment strategy. From 2012 to 2016, Union Pacific invested more than $566 million strengthening Illinois’s transportation infrastructure.

Union Pacific plans to spend $3.1 billion across its network this year. The company has invested $51 billion since 2000, contributing to a 40 percent decrease in derailments during the same time frame.

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