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Train Scheduling Technology

Improving Your Operation with Smart Planning

Currently present in numerous operations around the globe, Rail Movement Planner™ (Railmp) is a company that provides state-of-the-art real-time traffic planning solutions for a wide array of railroad networks.

Regardless of network complexity or any specific operational rules, our solution can be incorporated within any railroad’s operations center to enhance traffic management efficiency through real-time train scheduling.

Our company was founded in 2015, with its headquarters located in Campinas, Brazil. Spearheaded by accomplished railroad professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the business, the Rail Movement Planner™ solution was developed by uniting such expertise to high technology and specialized software developers.

Rail Movement Planner™ is also endorsed by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) and the Brazilian Agency for Innovation (FINEP, Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos). By setting foot in Campinas, the company could take part in the thriving technological scene that takes place in the region, which features some of Latin America’s top research centers.

Our Solution – Rail Movement Planner™

By approaching the issues faced by railroad operations as a puzzle, Rail Movement Planner™ (RMP) solves it by putting powerful algorithms and heuristics to work to elaborate traffic plans and test for any future impacts. RMP manages to calculate traffic plans in complex networks within a few seconds – which means that its dynamic, highly updateable plans can assist decision-making in real time.

With such a powerful tool to hand, traffic controllers can test and adjust train circulation with immediate access to whatever consequences the current plan may have, achieving greater efficiency.

On a day-to-day basis, RMP helps traffic controllers by delivering effective traffic plans, which means that by generating the train graph quickly, RMP allows the controllers to gain further time for analysis and critical decision-making processes. By reducing the graphing part of the controller’s workload, their work conditions can be greatly improved, allowing a less pressured controller to achieve better results.

With that in mind, the controller achieves a more strategic, finely tuned position in the operation, in that their potential can be truly tapped into by leaving the more mechanical and repetitive tasks to RMP.

But How Can Rail Movement Planner™ Improve Your Results?

With better traffic planning, your operation makes better use of its assets and improves its throughput and efficiency affecting the bottom line to a significant degree:

  • Constant decision making support through real-time operational scenario simulation.
  • Better network regularity with returns on energy efficiency and productivity.
  • Effective railroad traffic plans aligned to the business’ demands and needs.
  • More effective automated plans allow lessened variance in decision making, standardizing the planning process.
  • Through simulation and new operational data usage, investment scenarios can be evaluated before implementing new procedures and spending more capital.
  • From the massive amount of information processed by the solution, numerous training options emerge to foster productivity and detect best practices.

Due to the Rail Movement Planner™ integration layer, which is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the solution supports any enterprise software integration patterns. It is also compliant with industry standards regarding security and usability.

By mediating the data with the WSO2 Enterprise Integrator middleware, RMP can enable several analyses and reports to be elaborated for training, auditing, and more. Read more about this in our blog.

Furthermore, we have improved our commissioning process to promote demonstrations and trials – even coming to the point of fully remote installations. Such achievements mean that you soon witness how Rail Movement Planner™ can be quickly, flexibly, and easily installed at your operations center using information from your own rail network. To find out more about our implementation procedures, read our article.

All that considered, this is how Rail Movement Planner™ can help your operation tap into its full potential: with smart planning and enhanced foresight, you can intensify asset usage and achieve more with less.

To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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Rail Movement Planner™ News

Standardizing Procedures in Your Railroad Operations Center

Standardizing Procedures in Your Railroad Operations Center

Rail Movement Planner™ can help standardize procedures in your railroad operations center, benefitting your entire rail network.

Adaptive Engine: Only Rail Movement Planner™

Adaptive Engine: Only Rail Movement Planner™

Rail Movement Planner's Adaptive Engine is developed with railroad expertise and acts like a railroad expert that enhances all traffic plans.

The Adaptive Engine’s Role within Rail Movement Planner™

The Adaptive Engine’s Role within Rail Movement Planner™

Adaptive Engine is the second 'layer' of Rail Movement Planner™, the highly flexible real-time train traffic planning solution.

Try Rail Movement Planner™ with Your Own Hands!

Try Rail Movement Planner™ with Your Own Hands!

With the Rail Movement Planner™ online demonstration you can experience the software’s benefits in a rail network with two cargo terminals.

Do You Face Any of These Problems? Rail Movement Planner™ Can Help!

Do You Face Any of These Problems? Rail Movement Planner™ Can H...

Rail Movement Planner™ can help you test solutions to incident resolution and traffic plan development, and manage multiple train arrivals.

Flexible Remote Installation in Any Operation in the World

Flexible Remote Installation in Any Operation in the World

Rail Movement Planner™'s team can adapt its work to the needs and expectations of the client, wherever they are in the world.

Inside RMP – Our Commissioning Process!

Inside RMP – Our Commissioning Process!

Rail Movement Planner™ can be integrated as a high-performance tool, consolidating and dispatching information and traffic plans in real-time.

Rail Movement Planner™ Videos

Rail Movement Planner™ Images

Rail Movement Planner-RMP Integration with Other Systems

RMP integration with other systems

Rail Movement Planner-RailRoad Operations Solution

An intuitive overview of your rail network – shared among all who need it

Rail Movement Planner-AusRAIL PLUS 2019

Rail Movement Planner™ being showcased at AusRAIL PLUS 2019

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