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ImpactSentinel Alarm and Sensor System: Comprehensive Safety Solutions for the Rail Industry

INGLAS GmbH & Co. KG, a leading German company, brings cutting-edge monitoring solutions to the rail industry with its ImpactSentinel alarm and sensor system. Designed for real-time surveillance and early warning, ImpactSentinel protects critical infrastructure from natural disasters, ensuring the safety and efficiency of rail operations. Trusted globally, including by Swiss Rail (SBB) over multiple kilometers of the Swiss Rail network, ImpactSentinel exemplifies reliability and innovation in infrastructure monitoring.

Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions

ImpactSentinel offers unparalleled monitoring capabilities, tracking various environmental and structural parameters such as impact force, tilt, acceleration, orientation, seismic activity, tidal events, and precipitation. This extensive monitoring ensures that railways are safeguarded against a wide range of potential hazards, from landslides and avalanches to rock falls and seismic disturbances.

Versatile Applications in the Rail Industry

Railway Tracks and Tunnels: ImpactSentinel is ideal for monitoring the structural integrity of railway tracks and tunnels. By providing real-time alerts for shifts in position, acceleration, and other critical parameters, the system helps prevent derailments and other catastrophic failures.

  • Rockfall Protection Nets
    • Alongside railway lines, ImpactSentinel monitors hundreds of kilometers of rockfall protection nets. The system’s sensors detect and report any impacts or movements, ensuring timely maintenance and intervention
  • Hydroelectric Dams and Fences
    • ImpactSentinel is also deployed near hydroelectric dams and fences in mountainous regions. The system’s robust design and ability to function in extreme conditions make it perfect for monitoring these critical infrastructure elements.

Reliable Design and User-Friendly Interface

ImpactSentinel features durable, quality-tested sensors housed in compact aluminum casts, capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C. The system’s user-friendly interface offers multiple data access options, including SMS, email, IP-address, system webpage, and an interactive app. This flexibility ensures that users receive timely and accurate information, enhancing the decision-making process.

Proven Effectiveness: 2009 Gotthard Rockfall Incident

In 2008, Swiss Rail (SBB) commissioned a section of nets equipped with INGLAS’s ImpactSentinel system to enhance safety on the Gotthard route. The system’s effectiveness was dramatically demonstrated in 2009 when a large rock, measuring 150 cubic meters, breached the net. The wire pull-out mechanism of the ImpactSentinel system promptly triggered an instant alert, which was relayed to the SBB control center and directly to the train driver. Thanks to the swift response enabled by INGLAS’s advanced alarm system, the train was able to stop in time, preventing a potentially fatal high-speed collision.

ImpactSentinel by INGLAS GmbH & Co. KG represents the pinnacle of infrastructure safety solutions in the rail industry. With its extensive monitoring capabilities, versatile applications, and user-friendly interface, ImpactSentinel provides rail operators with the tools they need to protect their assets and ensure passenger safety. Whether it’s safeguarding railway tracks, tunnels, or rockfall protection nets, ImpactSentinel is the trusted choice for rail infrastructure monitoring worldwide.

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ImpactSentinel by INGLAS

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