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At Dina Consulting and Design, we pride ourselves to innovating a host of new electronic components that allow your operating and maintenance budgets to be more cost effective. With our Locomotive Consulting, Parts & Services, you will be able to reduce your operating and maintenance costs, using less parts, less labor and less downtime for your fleet.

Our goal is to meet your expectations in products that meet your needs. We will design and provide a product specifically to your specifications as well as offer you products in our current portfolio that meet your needs.

Here are several of our products that we believe will not only meet your companies needs, but enhance the ability to reduce overhead on maintenance, labor and downtime.

Locomotive Layover Battery Charger

Our first product is the Locomotive Layover Battery Charger which is 480VAC / 575VAC to 74VDC.

The Locomotive Layover Battery Charger is designed for locomotive applications and rigidity. This Battery Charger can be easily adapted to any Commuter Locomotive, replacing the existing Layover Battery Charger. It is a direct replacement for the KBC Battery Charger product line for Locomotive and Heavy Equipment applications.

LCD Indicator Light Panel

Another product which we believe is an excellent add on or replacement product for your fleet is the LCD Indicator Light Panel. The LCD indicator light panel is a direct replacement for the EMD egg crate style indicator panel. It can be installed in the high voltage cabinet, control stands, auxiliary cabinets, Head End Power Cabinet. Adjustable brightness, liquid crystal display allows for installation in low and high lighting conditions and the operator interface allows the engineer to adjust the intensity of the LCD by dragging his finger across the display, touch screen interface allows user to navigate through menu items and program a number of functions. It can be configured to annunciate key caps in different languages.

Emergency Locomotive Cab and Coach Light

Yet another product that we believe is one the strongest in our portfolio is the Emergency Locomotive Cab and Coach Light with 90Min Backup Battery. This LED light is a stand-alone fixture and does not require any additional harnesses from the supercap supply. It is the ONLY product that meets the United States Federal Regulatory Authority (FRA) emergency egress lighting requirements without the variance that was given to United States Rail Companies. This variance was given due to lack of availability of a product that would conform to the Federal Regulatory Authority request.

Dina Consulting and Design, LLC. has been the only company to provide a solution to US fleets without a derogation to the initial request by the FRA.

Once the 120VAC feed is lost the LED turns on for 90 minutes allowing illumination incase battery power is lost, can also be used on locomotives that require Emergency light to come on once Emergency Brake is toggled.

It can be installed in a locomotive cab above each door or in all coach cars as Emergency lighting.

It has a built-in potentiometer, so the light intensity can be adjusted for smaller or larger areas.

The operating voltage can be powered from a locomotive 74VDC system (30 to 90VDC) or 120 VAC Hotel (HEP) Power.

Locomotive Power Supplies

We also have a complete line of locomotive 74VDC Locomotive Power Supplies. Some of the features of these power supplies include:

  • They are a fully Isolated Output.
  • The Power Supplies output works down to 30VDC to keep electronics energized during cranking.
  • Built in state of the art technology.
  • Their sleek compact footprint design has been engineered for installation in tight enclosures.
  • There is no ventilation required as they are completely convection cooled.
  • The power supplies can be installed in any locomotive zone including the engine room compartment.
  • One of the most common uses for these power supplies are Windshield wiper power supply, Electronic Control Module, DEF Heaters power supply.

The following Locomotive Power Supplies can be found at Dinaconsulting.com

  • 74/24 VDC 1200 Watts for DEF HEATERS.
  • 74/24 VDC 800 Watts for Wind Shield Wiper (can run up to 6 motors), ECM’s, and DEF Heaters.
  • 74/24 VDC 400 Watts for Wind Shield Wiper (can run up to 3 motors), HEP Engine ECM’s.
  • 74/13.8 VDC 400 Watts for PTC power supply, DVR systems, Locomotive/ Train Health Monitoring system.
  • 74/36 VDC 400 Watts for ATC, ACSESS Power Supply.
  • 30-85/24 VDC 480 Watts, Wide input range is designed for use on 37.5 VDC battery System’s.
  • 74/24 VDC (POL) Point Of Load 100 Watts used for communication switch power, its small foot print allows for installation near the source its powering.
  • 74/32 VDC (POL) Point Of Load 100 Watts used for communication switch power, its small foot print allows for installation near the source its powering.
  • 74VDC Booster Power supply, is designed to maintain a minimal voltage output of 62 VDC regardless of the input voltage. This supports electrical systems that require an uninterrupted power source. The Boost Power Supply will simply just pass voltage through the circuitry when the battery bus voltage is above 63VDC and will start boosting below 62VDC.

Some of the uses for this Boost Power Supply would be any 74VDC system that resets with low voltage created when the engine is cranking. Examples are:

  • Electronic Brake System that reset at 50VDC (FastBrake)
  • Event Recorder System
  • PHW PTC system
  • PHW ACSES System
  • Bearing Monitor System

We have many more products that can help your bottom line on your operating and maintenance budgets, saving you on costs on labor, material and downtime. We also have the ability to fully design and customize products to meet the end user need if a product doesn’t exist. If you are interested in our product line, please contact [email protected] or visit our website at www.dinaconsultig.com

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Locomotive Layover Battery Charger
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