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Rolling Stock Adhesive and Sealant Solutions

Bostik, a wholly owned subsidiary of Total, is a leading provider of innovative bonding and sealing solutions for the automotive, aerospace, marine and mass transit (railway, bus and coach) industries. Bostik offers a wide range of solutions to meet the complexity of safety standards in mass transit, and customers and suppliers around the globe can depend on Bostik’s technical expertise.

Bostik works closely with its customers to understand their needs, from the early development and engineering phases of vehicle design to customer support during on-site production. Bostik has also partnered with leading scientific institutes, delivering durability and reliability. Significant numbers of people rely daily on mass transit vehicles that have an average life span of several decades. Manufacturers have a great responsibility to design safe and reliable means of transportation, and both manufacturers and suppliers must have a long term vision.

Interior and Exterior Locomotive Adhesives (DIN6701 and CEN/TS45545)

Bostik tests its adhesives according to standard industrial requirement DIN6701. The DIN6701 norm focuses on the behaviour of adhesively bonded joints before and after aging and gives railway manufacturers better means to optimise their designs.

Anticipating developments in the field of fire resistance, Bostik also offers products that meet Hazard Level 3, smoke and toxicity, requirements according to the European CEN/TS45545 standard that will soon replace the current standards. These products prevent outside fires from spreading to the inside of a vehicle and prevent inside fires from spreading quickly within a vehicle.

Elastic Adhesives and Sealants for the Railway Industry

The Simson range of products consists of elastic adhesives and sealants based on Silyl Modified Polymers (SMP) that excel in temperature resistance, UV resistance and durability under difficult environmental circumstances.

The versatility of the products enables a wide range of applications with a limited number of products using a simple process. Glass bonding, sealing, bonding of floor systems, panels and strips in interior as well as exterior applications are performed by different manufacturers all over the world with these products.

Bostik’s Simson products also help reduce the use of solvents in the bonding process. The wide adhesion spectrum of many different materials, including plastics like polycarbonate, reduces vehicle weight

Simson ISR 70-03 Fire Retardant

Safety solutions for railway vehicle manufacturing

Anticipating on future legislation, Bostik has developed a new sealant which meets the highest requirements in the railway vehicle industry according to the latest European standard of fire protection: EN45545.

Simson ISR 70-03 Fire Retardant

ISR 70-03 FR is the first fire retardant sealant based on Silyl Modified Polymer technology. This new sealant is developed for interior and exterior sealing applications in railway vehicles e.g. sealing windows, roofs, metal frames and floor systems but can also be used as a constructive bonding adhesive.


  • Fire retardant according to European standard EN45545.
  • Non-Halogenated.
  • Solvent-, isocyanate- and PVC free.
  • Very good UV-resistance and ageing properties.
  • In general good adhesion on several substrates without the use of a primer.

European Standard EN45545

ISR 70-03 FR is tested and approved according to the European EN45545 standard that will soon replace the current national standards and meets the highest hazard levels. Hazard level 3 on:

  • Smoke density, EN ISO 5659-2
  • Toxicity, EN ISO 5659-2, NF X 70-100-1 and -2
  • Spread of flame, ISO 5658-2
  • Oxygen index: EN ISO 4589-2
  • Heat release, ISO 5660-1

Simson ISR 70-08 Advanced Performance

Durable bonding solutions for railway vehicle manufacturing Bostik has tested its adhesives according to the industrial standard DIN 6701, which formulates binding standards for adhesive bonding work in the rail vehicle manufacturing sector. This standard focuses on the behaviour of adhesively bonded joints before and after aging enabling railway vehicle manufacturers to optimise their designs.

Simson ISR 70-08 Advanced Performance:

For bonding windscreens, interior and exterior panels in trains, Bostik has developed ISR 70-08 AP, a high-quality adhesive based on Silyl Modified Polymer technology. ISR 70-08 AP is tested intensively according to DIN 6701. Resulting from this investigation, Bostik is able to provide data for Finite Element Analysis (FEM):

  • Shear, tensile and compression data
  • Ageing data e.g. fatigue, temperature variations, the effect of sunlight (UV-A) and cataplasm

Bostik understands that the lifespan of mass transit vehicles demands a long-term vision from both manufacturers and suppliers. An ever-increasing number of passengers entrust you with their well-being. By providing safe and reliable sealants and adhesives we share and reinforce your commitment to commuter safety.

Complete system solution: ISR 70-08AP and ISR 70-03FR

Bostik offers the railway vehicle manufacturing market a complete system solution, with ISR 70-08 AP for bonding and ISR 70-03 FR for sealing. This system solution offers superior bonding strength and balances durability, weight and styling aesthetics.

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