Personal Rapid Transit, South Korea

A pioneering public transport system is being implemented in Suncheon Bay, South Korea, that will cater for three million tourists at the renowned tourist attraction.

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)_

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), scheduled for completion in 2013, is a lightweight, driverless transport system that offers flexibility and comfort to passengers. Designed to be modern, sleek and aerodynamic, the environmentally friendly vehicles can travel at speeds of 70kmph whilst benefitting from low operating costs.

_Due to the design of the PRT vehicles, they offer vast flexibility which allows them to be used in airports, university campuses, and hospitals amongst much more.

The vehicles, which were developed in a joint project by Pininfarina and Vectus Intelligent Transport, are powered by a linear induction motor alongside the track which transforms electrical energy into linear mechanical energy.

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