Derby Rubber: What is Rubber Extrusion?

Everything you need to know about the Rubber Extrusion process.

What Is Rubber Extrusion and What Does the Process Involve?

Rubber extrusion is the process of turning rubber materials into a specifically shaped product. To provide this shape, manufacturers use a rubber extruder machine.

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Rubber tubing

The rubber extruder has two main parts: a heated shearing screw conveyor and a die.

  • The raw rubber material is processed through the screw that pushes the stock while it is heated in the conveyor channel.
  • From the hopper (container above the conveyor), the stock is sent to the conveyor where it is softened through heating and shearing, and pressurised by the screw’s rotation process.
  • The pressurised stock is pushed into the die, (located at the end of the extruder) and as it emerges it acquires its shape.

What Are the Benefits of Rubber Extrusion?

  • An efficient and economical manufacturing process.
  • The volume of wasted material in this process is minimal.
  • Rubber extrusion is a continuous process that can produce finished products of different lengths in a variety of shapes.

What Are the Benefits of Rubber Extruded Products?

  • Extruded rubber products are lightweight, flexible, extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • They are highly resistant to chemicals, heat, cold, aging, fatigue, friction, abrasion wear and tear.
  • They are ideal for use in a myriad of harsh or extreme conditions.

What Are Rubber Extruded Products Used For?

Rubber extruded products are commonly applied for industrial applications that require sealing. Some examples are:

Door and Window Seals

Also known as extruded top and side seals, these profiles are designed to fill the gaps between doors and door frames to prevent wind and water from entering a vehicle or building.

They are used in cars and trucks, as well as in many commercial and industrial facilities. Door seals such as hatch seals can also be found in fuel tanks, rooftop HVAC systems and in electronic enclosures.

Edge Trim Profiles

Edge trim profiles are used to cover rough edges made from plastics and steels. These types of rubber extruded profiles are made from flexible materials and have gripping tongues that allow them to provide a much stronger hold. Edge trim profiles are usually found in automotive and marine industries, and are used for applications such as decorative trims for boats, cars and buildings.

Bumpers and Fenders

Rubber bumpers and fenders protect the hull and berthing infrastructure from damage when vessels berth alongside. The fender functions as a shock absorber by absorbing the energy of a vessel on the berthing facility. There are many service factors which must be taken into consideration when making a decision on which type and size of fender is best suited for a given application. D-shaped bumpers are also used on the rear of trucks and trailers to protect the vehicle from damage when reversing into loading docks.

Whether by extrusion or any other rubber processing methods, there is no denying that rubber is an excellent material for many everyday applications.

Custom Rubber Extrusion Specifications

At Derby Rubber, we work with our clients to precisely determine the product that will best meet their needs.

In addition to the general-purpose rubbers, [e.g. Natural Rubber, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CR (Neoprene™) etc.], Derby Rubber is also able to extrude specialty rubbers such as fluoro elastomers [e.g. Viton™, Dyneon™ etc.] with a high degree of accuracy.

Our team will help you define the exact operating environment the product will be used in, including the temperature range, and the material and radiant exposures. Rest assured that we don’t just rely on our past achievements for continued success. Rather, we constantly look for challenges and opportunities provided by you to help us continually grow and improve our processes and techniques.

To learn more about the rubber extrusion process or our extrusion capabilities, please contact us.

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