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Rail Signal Construction, Consultants and Rail Suppliers

United Rail, Inc. was inaugurated in February 2012. United Rail provides: Signal Engineering Services, Consulting Services, Representation for international Rail Suppliers, Develop products and systems and Project Execution. You are guaranteed to get a high quality service from us at United Rail, Inc.

Rail Signal Engineering Services

Our Signal Design & Engineering Services practice is focused on design work on new and existing signaling platforms, legacy relay based and electronic systems, existing switch machines, etc. Design changes, layout changes, PTC integration, elimination of old technology, are just a few of the services we provide. Because Signal Engineering is such a knowledge-based discipline, we ensure that entry-level as well as mid-career engineers are always teamed with senior staff. It has long been our experience that this approach is the best way to pass know-how from generation to generation. We also know that increasing domain knowledge is one of the most important aspects of employee retention. That, along with an excellent working environment that fosters teamwork and knowledge transfer, are the real keys to team-building an growth.

Railway Management Consulting

United Rail provides consulting services for foreign companies interested to set up an operation in the US. Whether they look to set up an own operation or they are looking for a well-established partner United Rail is able to connect. The same services can be provided to US companies interested to set up an operation in Europe or other parts of the world. With a multicultural background United Rail understands the needs of a business in different parts of the world.

If it comes to Management Consulting or Project Management United Rail looks back to many years of experience in the rail industry and is able to support its clients in many different needs. Improving internal processes, organization, customer approach, Project Management and much more.

International Rail Supplier

United Rail are currently supplying companies from all over the world with Rail products. When it comes to making sure that you have the products you need then make sure you contact us at United Rail. United Rail have many years of experience in supplying foreign companies with rail and rail based products.

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Rail Signal Engineering Services


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