Passenger Information Systems

TrainFX is a specialist engineering solutions provider offering multiple professional products and services to the rail industry.

Specialising in on-train passenger information solutions it has developed and delivered a portfolio of integrated products ranging from advanced, real-time passenger information systems to saloon audio, emergency call for assistance and passenger counting with robust back office access for remote messaging and advanced auditing. We are the preferred provider of passenger information systems for both Angel Trains and Porterbrook and have supplied solutions for train operating companies such as East Midlands Trains, Arriva Rail North and GWR.

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Passenger Information Displays

LCD displays can be used in place of the LED displays either as a part of the purchased system or as an upgrade from the LED displays. These displays do not require an Ethernet backbone to be present and so can make use of the Power Line communications that are already present within the existing train-wires.

When not wholly occupied as Passenger Information Displays, they can be scheduled by the TrainFX media system to display rich moving and static graphical video information such as rolling maps – giving precise location information and advising time of arrival

Operator’s specific content can be produced, formatted, uploaded and scheduled by the TrainFX media team to play out on portrait or landscape screens using the TrainFX storage / player / scheduling systems flexible algorithms.

The landscape screens can be of any size depending on the installation restrictions. These are typically 1920 pixels wide by 378 pixels high.

Crew Communications System

The TrainFX Crew communications System consists of Crew Communications control unit and amplifiers providing controlled targeted communication to both passengers and crew.

The system includes the following configuration:

●  Handset communication between driver and crew
●  Public Address announcements by the crew to passengers
●  Emergency call for aid with full audio capability between passengers and crew
●  Automated announcements over PA initiated by the train crew
●  Emergency train radio over the PA
●  Diagnostic self test and fault reporting
●  Interoperable with Ripper and Whiteley crew communication systems
●  Designed as a direct replacement for Ripper and Whiteley crew communication systems

Compliant with relevant Rail Group Standards Approvals include ​EN50155, EN50121-3-2, RIA12
The PRM/Tsi Compliant Crew Communications system may be integrated with Advance Passenger Information Displays and can communicate with Call for Aid points anywhere on the train.

It provides:

●  Emergency call for assistance with full talk-back
●  Audio routed to active cab
●  Call for aid routed to PA for conductor operation

The system may be integrated with Advanced Passenger Information Displays.

Centralised Back Office

The centralised back-office consists of an application server provided as a managed service. It provides the capability to include operations, route planning and maintenance to interact with the system using a distributed web interface.

Route databases are disseminated to vehicles via internet and 3G/4G cellular service provider. The centralised back-office also allows the user to track the fleet in near real time.

The user can then select an individual train in order to display the train status giving a snapshot of all the system configuration and status.

Accreditations & Compliance

Hassle-free compliance from a name you can trust.

All TrainFX products and systems meet PRM TSI standards, are built to be compliant and undergo rigorous testing in order to ensure they are safe and secure for you, your crew and passengers.

TrainFX currently holds the following certifications and accreditations:

  • Technical Standard for Interoperability for Persons of Reduced Mobility.
  • Electronic equipment used on rolling stock – BS EN50155 (EMC Certification)
  • Protection of Traction and Rolling Stock Equipment from Transients & Surges in DC Control Systems – RIA 12
  • Vehicle Fire, Safety and Evacuation – GM/RT 2130
  • Equipotential Bonding of Rail Vehicles to Running Rail Potential GM/RT 2304
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LCD Passenger Information Displays
LED/LCD Passenger Information Screen Comparison
HD Passenger Information Displays
Full Colour, HD, LCD Passenger Information Displays
LCD Passenger Information Screens
TrainFX LCD Passenger Information Screens. Full colour, high definition and engineered to fit your e
On-Train Emergency Call For Assistance
TrainFX Emergency Call For Assistance with talkback for direct communication with train crew.
Passenger Information Systems
TrainFX Advanced Passenger Information System Controller with handset and cradle
TrainFX at Railtex 2017 - Stand P33

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