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Integrated Rail Car Solutions

The Greenbrier Companies, headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is a leading supplier of transportation equipment and services to the railroad industry. The Company builds new railroad freight cars in its three manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico. It also repairs and refurbishes freight cars and provides wheels and railcar parts at 40 locations across North America. Greenbrier builds new railroad freight cars and refurbishes freight cars for the European market through both its operations in Poland and various subcontractor facilities throughout Europe. Greenbrier owns approximately 9,100 railcars, and performs management services for approximately 216,000 railcars. From Class I and short-line railroads to shippers and leasing companies, our customers are as diverse as the railcar services we provide. We can customize a solution to address the most complex railcar challenges. Our serivices include:

  • Innovative freight car design, engineering and manufacturing
  • Flexible financing programs
  • Railcar asset management tools
  • AAR-certified repair, wheel and refurbishment services, with one of the industry’s largest national networks

Our capabilities are diverse, but our focus is unwavering: to deliver the right combination of products and services to meet each customer’s needs.

Intermodal Rail Car Production

We manufacture virtually all types of railcars for the North American market, with the exception of coal cars.  We are the market leader in intermodal railcar production. Our customers include all Class I and many shortline railroads, shippers and leasing companies—partners who depend on us for innovative design, quality production and on-time delivery.

AutoMax II Intermodal Rail Car

AutoMax II® is a fully integrated, two-unit railcar design with unmatched security. The sides are made of 11-gauge sheet steel. Tight-sealing composite doors have lockable bars and deck access ladders are hidden inside the doors to prevent roof access. Other quality features include a two-unit, articulated design for a smoother ride and a wider interior with door-edge protection.

Plate Boxcars, Heavy Duty Plate Boxcars, High Cube Boxcars, Refrigerated Boxcars

50′ Plate F Boxcar – 100-ton boxcar is designed for efficient loading and unloading of heavy, paper rolls. Its smooth interior walls have recessed lading strap anchors. Extra strength at the side-to-floor connections and the door frame make this an ideal car for paper products. 60’ Heavy Duty Plate C Boxcar – Designed for the can manufacturing industry, this 100-ton boxcar has two heavy-duty moveable bulkheads and one standard moveable bulkhead for convenient loading of aluminum stock. Other features include end-of-car cushioning and 80,000-pound smooth steel flooring. 60’ High Cube Boxcar – Designed for the auto parts industry, this 100-ton boxcar has 18-inch end-of-car cushioning, removable rub rails and a volume of 7,580 cubic feet, making it ideal for carrying auto parts and other high-volume products. 60’ High Cube Boxcar – Greenbrier designed and built this 100-ton boxcar with 15-inch end-of-car cushioning and removable rub rails for carrying forest products. 60’ High Cube Plate E Boxcar – Designed for the paper products industry, this 100-ton boxcar has smooth interior walls with recessed lading strap anchors. Extra strength at the side-to-floor connections and the door frame makes this an ideal car for loading and unloading heavy paper rolls. 72’ 3″ Refrigerated Boxcar – This insulated, high-cube mechanical refrigerated boxcar features an insulated plug door that is 11’-3 ½” high and 12’-0” wide. The efficient refrigeration unit comes with satellite monitoring and is connected to a 450-gallon diesel fuel tank.

Center Partition Intermodal Rail Cars

These high-capacity center partition cars are designed for lumber and other packaged products. The decks are canted and have floor risers suitable for packages without pre-attached dunnage. Other Center Partition Cars include the Riserless Deck Center Partition Car, Drop Deck Center Partition Car and the V5 Orthogonal Center Partition Car. All our cars have specific design attributes which mean no matter what the load you wish to transport, we’ll have a solution for you.

Covered Hopper Intermodal Rail Cars

Our various Covered Hopper Cars are designed for carrying different types of grain and cement. Models include the 6580 Covered Hopper Car which is a state-of-the-art, high cubed covered hopper built to accommodate the transportation requirements of light grains, specifically Dried Distillers Grains (DDG). The design yields 95 cubic feet of volume per linear foot. It is one of the most efficient covered hopper cars in the industry today. Other models include the 6340 Covered Hopper Car which can accommodate the transportation requirements of light grains, specifically Dried Distillers Grains (DDG), the 5200 Covered Hopper Car which is an all-steel, through-center sill covered hopper that has a capacity of 5,200 cubic feet and the 3250 Covered Hopper Car which has a 3,250 cubic foot capacity, has a curve-sided design with two compartments and gravity outlet gates specifically designed for cement.

Double Stack Cars, Flatcars, Gondola Cars and Tank Cars

Our other Intermodal Rail Cars include Double Stack Cars which are designed for increased flexibility for load carrying options, Flatcars designed for heavy duty transportation, rugged mill Gondola Cars desinged for the steel industry and other heavy duty applications and Tank Cars of various volumes ranging from 16,500 to 30,000 designed to carry liquids such as caustic soda, Urea Ammonium Nitrate, fuel oil products, vegatable oil and ethanol.

Rail Equipment Leasing

Our leasing capabilities are central to our integrated business model, as many customers choose to lease rail equipment as a part of their fleet acquisition strategy. With a lease fleet of approximately 9,100 railcars and more than twenty years of broad and deep experience in leasing, we are able to structure and deliver competitive, tailored solutions. Our leasing team is skilled at configuring financial and operational structures to meet a wide variety of customer requirements, including full-service, net, and per diem arrangements with both short- and long-term options, sale/lease-back, like-kind exchanges, and upgrade and modification programs.  We focus on providing solutions, value and superior service to the North American rail industry.

Repair, Wheels and Parts

Spanning 40 locations in the U.S. and Mexico, our AAR-certified repair, wheel and parts network is one of the industry’s largest. Our broad geographic coverage allows us to provide consistent, high-quality service close to our customers’ centers of operations. It also allows us to work on a wide variety of cars, including covered hoppers, open-top hoppers, boxcars, gondolas, double-stack cars, tank cars and all types of flatcars. Whether it’s addressing simple running repairs, reconditioning crucial component parts or overseeing in-house engineered projects, we have what it takes to ensure your business keeps moving — from coast to coast.

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