Rail Fastening System

The goal from startup was to develop technical solutions and to advance existing technologies to advance the functionality of switches and tracks, to reduce the maintenance costs and to protect environment. All over the world high-speed lines, heavy freight transport, tramway, underground and metro systems rely on our cutting-edge products to provide solutions to every challenge. Renowned for their integrity, reliability and durability, SCHWIHAG products offer outstanding quality, allowing our customers to meet the increasingly complex demands of modern infrastructure systems in the most practical and cost effective manner. Our key components ensure a permanent reduction in maintenance costs, and at the same time can be relied on to increase the availability of the network. All SCHWIHAG products are easy to install, easy to inspect, maintenance free and, thanks to our focus on sustainability, environmentally-friendly too.

Rail Fastening Equipment

Rail fastening from schwihag are based on systems which have been tried and tested for decades. Schwihag has optimised these systems and made them more efficient and economical. SCHWIHAG offers consultancy, development, construction, production, supply and service for rail fastening systems and the following applications:

  •  standard railway lines (20.5 t axle load – 30 t axle load
  •  high-speed railway lines (up to 20.5 t axle load)
  •  heavy freight transport (over 30 t and up to 50 t axle load)
  •  underground systems (12 t – 13 t axle load)
  •  metro systems (16 t axle load)
  •  tramways (6 t – 10 t axle load)
    •  industrial railway lines (22.5 t – 50 t axle load)

Hollow Steel Rail Bearings

Weight and size of the modular bearer correspond to conventional concrete switch point bearer. Stretcher bar, back drive and rodding, and the switch motor, are totally integrated within the bearer. Ballast can therefore be applied over the entire switch-operating mechanism and mechanical tamping of the whole switch is possible. Also, the displacement resistance of the modular bearer, made of ductile cast iron, is higher than that of conventional concrete bearers. The improved stability of the whole switch point ensures a substantial reduction in malfunctions resulting in a significant increase in network availability. If required, the modular bearer can be fitted with Molybdenum coated, lubrication-free IBSR slide baseplates and roller plates. The weatherproof modular bearer is electrically heated and all moving parts are completely insulated. The cover can be easily removed and access to all parts is unrestricted. This makes the SCHWIHAG modular bearer particularly inspection-friendly. On request, our modular bearer is also available for your own preferred locking system.

Inner Bracing of Stock Rail Systems

SCHWIHAG slide baseplates are fitted with an inner bracing system for stock rails (IBSR). Depending on the position of the IBSR slide baseplate within the switching device, SCHWIHAG´S spring clips SSb 2, SSb 3 or SSb 4 can be used. For the outside of the stock rail, the client’s preferred fastening system (e.g. SKL, Pandrol, Nabla) can be applied. The same inner bracing system for running rails (IBRR) can be fitted in the crossing-check rail area.

Steel Hollow Rail Sleepers

The integrated cable pipes allow for safe, permanent crossing of cables in switch points and tracks, even when mechanical maintenance and adjustments are being carried out. The cable pipes at the front are held firmly in place by vibration absorbent rubber pads. To ensure maximum safety, there is electric insulation between rail and baseplate as well as baseplate and sleeper. The fully machined top surface ensures the correct seating, alignment and level of the running rail. The easily removable covers offer robust protection from debris and the effects of weather. Unrestricted access from above and at both ends make it exceptionally inspection-friendly. Thanks to ease of accessibility, existing cable crossings can be upgraded at any time. The hollow steel sleeper can be easily installed in the ballast bed without complications and there is no need to disconnect existing cable crossings.

Switch Locking System Devices

Appliable to locking switch points as well as movable point frogs.The SCHWIHAG clamp lock system, integrated into the SCHWIHAG modular bearer, can be applied to locking switch points as well as movable point frogs. The lock allows for thermal longitudinal displacement of up to + – 30 mm. The clamp lock system SKV can also be supplied without the modular bearer.

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Hollow Steel Rail Bearer
Hollow Steel Rail Bearer
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Rail Fastenings
Rail Fastenings
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Hollow Steel Sleepers
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