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Train Interiors and Station Infrastructure

The Oliva Torras Group comprises a range of companies and industrial divisions, which, through their products and services, are present throughout Europe and America. Although we continue to design and manufacture a whole range of metal-based products and components, the group companies contribute greatly in terms of technology and innovation, earning themselves recognition in their respective markets. Technology, equipment and systems that include mechanical aspects, electricity, electronics and software. With these, they offer solutions that contribute to people’s comfort, safety in companies, progress in society and environmental sustainability. Our link with the railway industry stretches for miles. We have experience in a great number of railway interiors component projects, traction converters and doors for rolling stock, among other applications. The creation of a specialist division meets the demands of a sector requiring an all-embracing, high-added value response, from a global supplier offering specific solutions be it for medium- or long-term projects. And this is our goal: to supply competitive, quality products and services which provide efficiency and profitability to rolling stock and infrastructures constructors.

Railway Interiors

Our work specialising in railway interiors for passenger transport vehicles ranges from the design and supply of subsets, such as fully-equipped assembly-ready roofs to the development of integral projects that include practically all the elements and systems that may be required by a unit interior. For developments of such importance, experience is particularly necessary in managing large-scale projects where full in-depth knowledge of a whole range of structural and visible components, metal materials and composites and the coordination of a number of production processes are required to supply the subsets to your plant, ready for assembly. Oliva Torras has the specialists and technology required to offer a one-stop service in this sphere: project leaders, powerful engineering and a flexible and competitive production system.

Tram and Train Doors

Oliva Torras has extensive experience in the manufacture of doors for metro, trams and all kinds of trains. This lengthy career has made it possible for us today to have a section specialising in this product. Being equipped with robotic processes and specialising in structural components, profiles, mechanisms, glass and finishes enables us to supply medium and large series of fully-finished doors in short timescales.

Train Traction Converter Cabinets

Since the 1990s, Oliva Torras has maintained a close relationship with the leading manufacturers of complete traction equipment for the railway sector, taking part in a great many projects both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, Asia and Africa. We have extensive expertise and experience in the manufacture of traction converter frames and large-scale specific facilities for the manufacture of their metal components, soldering , tooling, painting and finishing. The soldering processes are certified according to the DIN EN 15085-2 standard, which is specific to the sector.

Train HVAC Systems

Oliva Torras also has extensive experience in this speciality, providing support for many years to major climate control systems manufacturers for railway vehicles. In this area, and complementing the manufacturing and assembly structure, our customers can also rely on our know-how in mechanics and metal-based components to seek improvements in such areas as construction, watertightness or the ease of assembly and maintenance.

Station Access Systems

Albeit in application environments other than railways, this is perhaps one of the fields where our experience is most extensive. We have travelled a long way in projects relating to people access and control systems in various types of building. In the manufacture of ticket readers-validators, barriers and dispensers, we can embrace the industrialisation of projects, manufacture and, if required, the assembly of the equipment with all its components, be they mechanical, electrical or electronic, supplying the terminals ready for installation onsite.

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