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Loram Maintenance of Way is a global leader offering the most advanced, most productive and innovative MOW equipment and services. Our exceptionally high standards of quality and performance help our customers to achieve operational excellence with a full range of comprehensive solutions to extend rail and track asset life and enhance efficiency to new levels.


In an industry built around optimizing time and performance, Loram drives acceleration. From the industry’s most advanced and productive equipment solutions to the decades of experience that deliver optimal efficiency and safety, Loram helps you achieve operational excellence through superior technologies, innovations and services that keep you moving.


As we operate and maintain the very equipment we design and build, Loram has distinct advantages toward understanding real-world application, continuous improvement and achieving the highest levels of performance and value. Simply put, our equipment is built to the highest standards for innovation and quality in the industry.


With the industry-leading reliability of 98% across our fleet, Loram’s legacy of robust durability and equipment longevity translates into superior uptime and the most dependable performance. Reliability in reinforced by the commitment and deep industry experience of our personnel – a shared dedication to help you deliver your goals.


Safety is intertwined in all of our core values. We put safety first when designing, building, operating and maintaining equipment. Loram is a proud winner of the NRC Contractor of the Year award in safety.


Our strong knowledge base gets s to your root need faster, helping us deliver advanced equipment, innovative solutions and unrivaled customer service to maintain and maximize railway infrastructure.


Loram is dedicated to performing environmentally responsible and sustainable services. Loram invests significantly in research and development initiatives that continue to mitigate rail maintenance related environmental effects. We strive to lower fuel consumption, lessen emission and use environmentally-friendly products. Loram is proud to have its Hamel, MN headquarters be LEED certified.


Our CORE VALUES are the core of who Loram is and what we cherish. Values are the traits and qualities that we consider worthwhile; they form the foundation on which our company culture is built. We understand having a constant and consistent approach to our work, as well as how we interact with our customers, will enable us to achieve the desired results and success. The five organization CORE VALUES define our shared beliefs: what is important to us as an organization, what is expected of us from our customers and how we adjust to the marketplace and have sustainability.

Integrating our CORE VALUES into everything we do and every decision we make ensures that in the ever-changing world, our organization remains stable and successful.

Integrity First: Upholding expectations at all times, honorable and trustworthy, always able to stand proud.

Customer Focus: Attentive, devoted, committed to solving any problems by finding and providing the solutions.

Accountable for Actions: Dignified, respectful and responsible. Diligent in successfully completing projects.

Results Oriented: Successful, determined and driven. Always striving to achieve the next goal.

Excellence in All We Do: Innovative, helpful to others, detail oriented and always thinking towards the future.

Loram Maintenance of Way in Brief:

  • Founded in 1954
  • 6 global offices
  • 1,200+ employees worldwide
  • 230+ machines in 16 different countries
  • 2,100+ friction management units
  • 98% machine reliability
  • Hamel, MN headquarters ISO 2001:2015 certified
  • Product offerings include rail grinding, ballast maintenance, friction management, material handling, quality management and equipment manufacturing
  • 2017 list includes 46 active patents***Additional Patents Pending***
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RGI 8 Production Rail Grinding

Production Rail Grinding

RGI10 Production Rail Grinding

RGI1 0 Production Rail Grinding, Bochum-Langendreer Germany

C4403 at Dusk

C4403 Rail Grinding at Dusk

Loram Railroad Maintenance

Minneapolis–Saint Paul © Loram

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