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Station Digital Signage Displays

Lobbysign is the very latest in electronic display totems and wall mounted systems, whose striking design, combined with visual impact and ease of use, make it essential for companies and establishments who wish to be noticed. Electronic reception and digital signage has become unrivalled in displaying welcome messages to clients, meeting room information at conference venues, and notice board style information to visitors and the public. The Lobbysign now offers unprecedented impact to welcoming messages, notices and bulletins in many sectors, including the rail and transport sector. Information and advertising on the Lobbysign in public concourses too has great appeal, drawing people’s attention to its elegantly housed screens.

Railway Station Digital Signage

In public concourses at railway stations, the nature of digital signage and its locations have become crucial in drawing peoples’ attention to essential information and advertising. The traditional combination of temporary notice boards and posters combined with numerous fixed displays and advertising hoardings, is becoming replaced with free standing totem and wall mounted digital LED and LCD signage. Digital signs offer ease in updating over the network, and draw attention of the public through the appeal of being electronic posters in the same vertical format. The robust Lobbysign lends itself well to the bustling environment of the busy concourse, where the footfall is high and safety is of great importance. The Lobbysign screen and inbuilt pc are well protected by a high impact perspex front cover and powder coated aluminium and steel housing.

Rail LED and LCD Signs

The contemporary design of Lobbysign LCD and LED signs, whether free standing or wall mounted, makes looking at information and posters pleasing and appealing. It draws people to information for the second or two needed to grasp attention. The free standing Lobbysign digital display totem communicates at head height, precisely where messages are best taken notice of. The Lobbysign digital sign has a professional feel and is a focal point, positioned either near the entrance, along walkways or in food courts and atriums, where members of the public either gather or pass through. It will convey an important message or advertisement in the moment required to focus the concentration of passers by. LobbysignLCD notices and announcements are supported and enhanced by images and video clips, whilst the Lobbysign LED display uses a dot matrix format to show high impact text. Advertisements can be timed and notices can be scheduled, to be replaced with further digital signage advertising or information. Programming is simply done either over the network or locally with a keyboard or memory stick.

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Railway Station LCD Display

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