Meeting all Auxiliary Power Requirements Along the Track

Eltek power solutions reduce the energy consumption, cost and environmental impact of powering the equipment along the rail or metro track. If you are looking for power solutions that offer more than compliance with minimum requirements, Eltek’s highly efficient and reliable solutions will fit for you.

At Eltek, we combine railway industry insight with leading-edge power conversion expertise. Eltek systems are used in railway and metro applications worldwide. With a variety of high-performance power converters and other system building blocks available, systems from a few 100 W to several 100 kW can be provided.

Eltek is a world leader in high-efficiency power electronics and energy conversion, with 2500 dedicated power professionals around the world. For more than 40 years, we have pushed the frontiers of power conversion technology.

The Rectiverter, a Breakthrough in Power Electronics Technology

The Eltek Rectiverter is a power conversion module combining the functions of a rectifier, an inverter and a “static transfer switch” all in one. The Rectiverter is a 3-port bidirectional converter that simplifies solutions providing both AC and DC power to critical loads in telecom, data center and industrial applications. It features a power conversion efficiency of 96% in mains mode and 94% when operating as an inverter.

Combining a rectifier, which converts AC to DC, and an inverter, which converts DC to AC into one box simplifies the power system complexity, reduces system size and improves overall system reliability, resulting in a reduced total cost of ownership over the product lifetime.

The Rectiverter fits in well in all main business segments for Eltek. The first version is based on 48VDC and has a maximum capacity of 1500 VA for AC and 1200W of DC. The total capacity of a module is 2000VA (AC and DC combined). Rectiverter solutions are available and the production ramp-up is ongoing.

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Rectiverter HE 48V 230V 1500VA 1200W
Rectiverter HE 48V 230V 1500VA 1200W
Railway Level Crossing Figure
Railway Level Crossing Figure
Queensland Railway
Queensland Railway

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